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As Valerie, year-old Virginie Ledoyen is not just the titular Single Girl, but for all practical purposes, the entire movie.

There are interactions with peculiar guests, but none of them are particularly important characters. Films that are usually described as classic, cult, arthouse and avant-garde. The viewer then follows the protagonist as she attends room service in a parisian hotel and meets a number of characters, co-workers and clients, observes their behaviour, and reflects on her own life before making a decision about her future.

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The focus is always on Valerie. She is also starting a new job as room service in an expensive hotel and promises to return to the cafe in an hour and tell Remi her decision. It's a performance so rich with fearful contradictions that new levels revealed themselves to me on the second watch, earning an extra half-star.

La Fille Seule The FreakyFlicks collection is limited to those films that have played an exceptional role in the history of cinema and its progression in becoming a great art.

A Single Girl (1995)

And, for what it's worth, a film so engaged with the moment to moment experience of a service worked still feels rare and slightly extraordinary. Valerie takes trays from room to room, and the camera follows every stair step, every elevator trip. She is not only unsure about whether she should keep the child, but whether Remi would make a decent father if she did.

English soft subs included. Watched the new Cohen Media scan.

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This is mostly a tribute to Ledoyen's terrific performance, but it's also Jacquot's smooth direction and writing. A major film that feels less convincing to me than his earlier, pricklier The Disenchated or his elegantly tossed off False Servant. Instead of being bored with the repetition and blandness that so many service jobs offer, I was enthralled with Valerie's actions, articulation, and attitude.

The real time truly works, putting us in the shoes of Valerie and allowing us to see the events and conversations of the day that cause her to make her decision to raise her child without a man.

The bulk of the film consists of a real-time study of that critical hour.

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The whole hotel sequence is damn near a masterpiece. Yes Audio Size Bytes.: All you need do is include this tag in your upload and join us at the forum to announce your release. She's a remarkably intriguing and likeable character for being so, well, bitchy.

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Our goal is to disseminate such works of art to the widest audience possible through the channels provided by P2P technology. La Fille Seule is a film of a surprising simplicity and intimacy that through glances and gestures takes us to the inner world of a young woman magnificently played by Virginie Ledoyen.

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