Aashka Goradia and Rohit Bakshi to get married Aashka Goradia and Rohit Bakshi to get married "within a year"

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Aashka Goradia- Rohit Bakshi

He added, "We are both focussing on our careers right now and when the right time comes, we will marry. You do that to a person when you become part of his or her life for so long.

According to buzz, her boyfriend is all set to move to India for good.

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We brought to their full story here. Oct 28, Marriages from B-town are a big affair.

Aashka Goradia and Rohit Bakshi, a couple in the making? |

Aashka confirmed this herself, and even spoke about their marriage planes. Aashka met Brent at an event in the US, and the two hit it off immediately. We also started our business in Oshiwara and will expand very soon.

He is a great human being and was a friend.

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We're sure, millions of their fans would have been heartbroken on hearing about Aashka and Rohit's split up. The two make a fun loving and adventurous couple, no doubt.

But, we're equally sure that these fans are now rejoicing on the fact that she is finally getting married to the love of her life, Brent. But with time, they realised it was best to part ways.

Do let us know in the comments section as to what do you think of this story. So how will she make time for Brent? Communication gaps and quo vadis film 2018 online dating issues led to constant friction in the relationship.

Aashka Goradia is in love again and this time it is an American guy, see pics

Looks like the unique background of Brent impressed Aashka and she could come out of her break-up phase. Initially, they became friends and then gradually moved on to a more concrete relationship.

The couple got engaged on December 25,and is all set to tie the knot on December 3, The good thing is that the split was an amicable one. But before you could jump to conclusions that she had any love lost in her life, well no.

It is to be noted here that the ex-couple was too active on the social media and they regularly displayed their love for each other.

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Aashka was quick to find new love one more time. I could not go to meet her earlier as I was busy promoting my film and I was not in town," he added. Aashka is also taking some kickass firing sessions from her beau.

If reports are to be believed, Aashka is dating an American guy named Brent Goble and the two are quite happy about it.

Aashka Goradia had recently ended her 10-year old relationship with actor Rohit Bakshi.

Well, that's history and history is in the past. I firmly believe that as we grow, we become more aware and capable of handling our emotions and life.

She said, "I was inside the house for 80 days and I had no clue about what was happening outside. Love is an individual experience, and rebound has nothing to do with it. Quite evidently, these revelations find a place in the Page 3s.

Only recently we got to know that actress Aashka Goradia had parted ways with her long term boyfriend and actor Rohit Bakshi. According to Times of India, Brent Goble swept the television actress off her feet.

TV couple Aashka Goradia, Rohit Bakshi part ways after 10 years

They respect and care for each other and didn't want their relationship to end on a sour note. The two lovebirds are not only in a relationship, they have also joined hands for a business venture.

There is a lot of good that he left in my life.

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Telly actors Rohit Bakshi and Aashka Goradia break their silence on rumours about their alleged split. Celeb marriages do not come with news alone, they carry within themselves many revelations.

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Aashka who is prepping for the season season of her popular show Naagin, is soon to get busy with the hectic shooting schedules. Some of the clicks also hint that she is gelling quite well with his friend and family in the US too. Both wanted different things from life.

Pune is number 1, guess where Delhi, Mumbai ended up Love is always in the air for our television actors.

TV couple Aashka Goradia, Rohit Bakshi part ways after 10 years | tv | Hindustan Times

Ease of living index: Ever since TV actress Aashka Goradia entered the Bigg Boss house, there have been rumours about her apparent break-up with her beau and fellow actor Rohit Bakshi.

Rohit Bakshi said that the couple is very much together.

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And now that the actress is out of the reality show, the couple feels it is time to brush off all the rumours and state the facts. When we do take the plunge, we would certainly be happy to let the world know.