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Most students who receive accommodations at school and request them from the College Board are approved. Every effort will be made to resolve such issues in a timely way. Get detailed instructions on Managing Accommodations Online. Yes Are you requesting housing accommodations?

The answer is almost always no: As religious educators, we have a sacred responsibility to help accommodate the needs of students who struggle to reach graduation requirements while still deepening their conversion to the gospel. All information is confidential and the student must give permission for all communication about a disability or the limits it poses.

They must still request accommodations from the College Board. You may need to supply additional documentation. How do SSD Coordinators submit additional documentation?

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In most cases, however, parents work with their school to request accommodations — the fastest and most efficient method. Who can use SSD Online? Who is eligible for College Board testing accommodations? For example, if a student requests testing accommodations after the first exam, the grade received on that exam—whether impacted by the disability or not—will stand.

College Board Accommodations Requests

Tells SSD Coordinators what, if any, documentation must be submitted. An accommodation request will always come before roommate requests. Managing Accommodations Online has step-by-step instructions.

Questions about housing options and restrictions should be directed to the Office of Residence Life. Use of accommodations that have not been approved by the College Board results in cancelled scores.

Teachers should make appropriate accommodations to meet the specific needs, disabilities, and health-related conditions of their students. They have a documented disability. Yes Do you need a confidential disability disclosure letter for the current term?

Attaching the system-generated cover page to supporting documentation is important. For testing accommodations, field trips and special events, for example, students will notify DSP and instructors of the event and the accommodations needed in a timely way so that plans can be made for the accommodations.

Accommodations are NOT retroactive. If, after submitting the student's initial request, you wish to submit additional documentation, upload it using SSD Online or print out a form from your dashboard.

Students may submit a complaint at any time to appropriate government agencies responsible for oversight of disability services, such as the Office for Civil Rights or Department of Justice. Only then can we sense the love that Heavenly Father has for all of His children.

Students should contact the DSP before or during the first weeks of the semester to arrange accommodations. Provide the student with preferential seating in the classroom, provide a space with minimal distractions, or administer the assessment in a small-group setting or in another room.

When the student and DSP agree to specific accommodations, students will sign an agreement about the services to be received and a release of information to inform appropriate members of the Ringling community mostly faculty membersso accommodations can be implemented.

Upload supporting document s: Any new or modified accommodation must be discussed in person with a DSP.

Accommodation Process

So please do submit the documentation you have. Specific assignments are determined by the teacher and should generally be related to the work missed. With few exceptions, they receive accommodations on school tests.

There are some exceptions. The student's parent or guardian must sign the consent form prior to the submission of an online request.

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Submit the names of students with whom you wish to live: Why do documentation requests vary? If documentation is unavailable at this time, please type a statement indicating when you will provide documentation to OSLS.

The Housing Committee will assess your request. Keep the signed form on file at your school. Families submitting the paper request form must always submit documentation to the College Board.

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Consider the following guidelines as you make accommodations for your students: Individual accommodations should remain confidential. The following are examples of appropriate accommodations to help them succeed in reading assignments: To obtain accommodations, new students must meet with the DSP to determine appropriate accommodations for the current semester and complete the necessary paperwork.

Disclosure Letter In order to receive academic accommodations extended time testing, extra time on assignments, note-taking, alternate format books, etc. For certain accommodations, such as extended time or computer use, additional documentation may be requested. Can multiple school officials use the online request system?

Students, parents, family members, and priesthood leaders can use these resources and the accompanying illustrations to complete the reading requirement.

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Seminary and Institute Learning Assessments and Projects The purpose of assessment accommodations is to enable students with specific needs, disabilities, or health-related conditions to participate in the assessment on an equal basis with other students.

For further information, please contact Virginia DeMers. Get an overview of The Approval Process. This group may include an SSD coordinator. Once approved, it is not necessary to reapply for each College Board exam.

Returning students see below for more details may make requests for renewed accommodations online. How do I request testing accommodations? Parents may submit a paper request for accommodations using the Student Eligibility Form without the participation of their school.

Submit a request to the College Board. Get more information about SSD Online.