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Alternatively, you can also access the chat history by logging in to the web based Yahoo! Archive Manipulator As for the current Yahoo! However the program crashes occasionally when closing the program.

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Just follow the 2 simple steps below to view the history that are saved with Yahoo! For example, there was a 7: I think for most cases it is not a viable service anymore. Messenger conversation history at anywhere on a computer with an active Internet connection.

The messages are meant to be viewed only by the owner of the account because it requires logging in to the Yahoo account.

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What do we know? My guess is that Yahoo has blocked access for the Excel client very sneaky. At this point my suggestion would be to use Google Finance. You might also like: In other words, that crumb is unique to your session. All you need to do is install the program and run it which will automatically detect the location of the history.

The good thing is you can access and view your Yahoo! However, due to the poor encryption of the chat log files that are saved locally on the hard drive, there are third party tools that can decrypt the encrypted.

How to: Obtain historical stock prices from Yahoo finance (you can query them via Excel too)

Parse the HTML when you make a query using the web page: Archive Manipulator has been successfully tested on Yahoo! After testing all the tools that we can find, we found that the most up to date free tool to decode yahoo chat archive is Yahoo!

With that crumb, now you can form your download URL. Yahoo has changed the way you form the URL and has made it somewhat more difficult for you to use the service. Sign up | Sign In Yahoo | Login Yahoo

If this works for you, check out my post: I believe besides splits; it also considers dividends in the adjusted price. If you manage to get historical prices from Yahoo please share with us via the comments section. Yahoo changed their URL scheme to require an established session with cookies.

Obtain stock prices from Yahoo finance you can query them via Excel too Part II 4 Use Google instead This probably means that for regular users Yahoo Finance is no longer a viable option to obtain stock quotes in Excel.

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Because of that, you might get an error like this: Mail and click on the Conversations at the left pane. There are many tools that you can find to decode the messages archive for Yahoo Messenger but most of them are outdated.

There is a catch of course: Messenger v10 in Windows 7 bit.