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With our product, we took an interactive approach to its build — as opposed to building what our team may have thought our customers wanted. Choose individuals dedicated to the discipline of the project's inner workings and they will be your project's driving force.

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If you have any questions or comments for her, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or email us at hello betabound. The biggest value you can bring to a project is choosing individuals with an inherent passion for their daily involvement in the project.

Plus, announcing on Betabound was easy, the community was friendly, and the free cost let us adhere to our more bootstrapped goals. The sense of fulfillment women get from developing these skills is giving them the necessary confidence to make their mark in the tech world.

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If so, how is beta testing affecting the quality of those products? Plus, beta testing is a necessary piece within the grander puzzle of where women are going in aleksandra czajka dating as a whole.

I love people, love working with people and highly believe that the quality of a project's performance is deeply rooted in the passion, diligence, discipline and values of each individual involved in the project. They notice a lot of peripheral things and tiny details.

Aleksandra Czajka

Also, try to break the product! After graduating, Intel recruited me as a Software Engineer for the D1D Fab in Hillsboro, OR, where I worked on developing desktop applications and webservices to monitor the health of software applications running the chip making fab for the goal of making the fab a lights-out operation, requiring minimal human guidance.

Beta testing allows me to connect with my potential customers from the beginning. Unfortunately, such stereotypes arise from assumptions rather than the realities of great performances from females in beta tests.

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After Intel, I consulted for small web agencies in Portland, OR, developing technical understanding of the web and gaining an entrepreneurial drive to develop personal eCommerce ventures. In testing, that attention to detail is everything!

To kick things off, we spoke with Aleksandra Czajka, Senior Software Engineer at Fluidityabout Betabound, the importance of beta testers, and some of the stereotypes surrounding female testers. Announcing [our beta test] on Betabound gave me the ability to talk to those potential customers and have them be a part of that iterative process.

I am currently a Freelance Senior Software Engineer working on web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and custom software solutions.

Aleksandra Chajka

What are some pieces of advice you have for beta testers? In other words, we really tried to hear from our potential customers as soon as possible so we could input as much of their feedback into our product.

August 10, by Jennifer Bakos Last week, we annnounced our Women Behind Betabound series with an analysis of the growing impact of women in tech. Women are very detail-oriented.

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As a developer, what about women makes them good beta testers? Trust your gut by listening to your intuition. As of today, she has been involved with product development for seventeen years and counting. Why is beta testing an important process, and how does Betabound fit in?