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We never quit it, gonna win it! He wonders what she's doing out there this time of night, and she confesses her newfound feelings for him "There's Always Me".

Gotta get it inside, down low In the paint, now shoot, score Gotta work it together Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball Fast break, get the ball in control Let if fly from downtown, 3, 4!

Wildcats; Don't tear it up. Gotta work it out, turn it all around!

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Later that day, at Sylvia's Honky Tonk, Natalie enters in her greasy dress, and Lorraine has her change into one of her dresses—it is clean and cute and Natalie looks lovely. Gotta work it out, turn it on This is the last time to get it right, This is the last chance to make it our night. Jim gives Sylvia a very surprising kiss, and a stunned Sylvia suddenly falls for him.

What are we here for? Go go go go go go team, oh! Chad then convinces them that they would be a "sweet little couple" "That's All Right". Chad confesses that it was actually the character of Ed he liked, not Natalie, so he leaves the town.

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This is the last game so make it count It's now or never, yeah! In a nearby dreary little town, Natalie, a young mechanic, is dreaming of love and adventure while she yearns for one true love to take her away, but she doesn't realize that her best friend Dennis has a secret crush on her "Love Me Tender".

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In the centre of the fairgrounds, Matilda gathers the townspeople together to both find her son and arrest Chad. Dean, the son of Mayor Matilda, enters to tell Lorraine that he thinks she's beautiful.

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Natalie's widowed father Jim enters and joins in, until they're interrupted by the roar of a motorcycle: Yeah, pull up and shoot, score! Chad is in need of a mechanic and he's introduced to Natalie, who is instantly smitten "One Night With You" and promises to fix his broken down bike.

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Hey Wildcats, we're the champions! Chad is excited, and he immediately asks Ed to be his new sidekick.

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This is the last chance to make our mark shoot! Make me strong Its time to turn it up. We gotta show what we're all about.

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Ooh, You can do it; just know that I believe Troy: Chad, Dennis and Natalie later meet at her garage, but Chad is soon distracted by the appearance of Sandra, trying to sing to her, but it doesn't work. West High Knights, hey! Christopher Ashley directed, with choreography by Jody Moccia.

Dennis and Sandra realize a common love for Shakespeare and subsequently fall in love with each other "One Night With You"—reprise. Despite the circumstances, Jim can't handle this revelation, and he rushes off.

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Team team team, yeah! The way we play tonight is what we leave behind It all comes down to right now, it's up to us So what are we gonna be? Let me hear ya say hey hey hey hey hey!

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In her newfound acceptance of young love, Dean and Lorraine are allowed to be together, and Jim realizes its actually Sylvia that he's loved "Can't Help Falling In Love -reprise". Later that evening, Dean tells her the terrible news: Tell me, what are we here for?

But Chad enters, as does Dean with Lorraine. Chad then gives Jim a much-needed lesson in coolness "Don't Be Cruel". West High Knights, hey, yeah we're doin' it right, oh yeah!

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Lemme hear you say "Hey hey hey hey yeah! The brides and grooms marry and everyone celebrates falling in love "Burning Love".

As Chad bemoans Sandra's lack of attraction to him Dennis comes up with an idea. W-I-L-D, Wildcats, come on, come on!

Production history[ edit ] The musical had a developmental staging at the Goodspeed Musicals May June 6,with most of the Broadway cast, except for Manley Pope in the lead role of Chad.