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He remembers his mother making lunch for his employees and offering them tea and snacks so that they kept working for him. He dropped out of Vivekananda College even before he could complete his degree going against the wishes of his parents.

Exactly, a year later he founded OrganicApex that primarily deals with web-oriented products and services and is headquartered in Chennai with SBUs strategic business units in Orlando Florida and Sacramento, California.

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However, his obsession with the world of e-commerce and all things technical goaded him to take to plunge in the virtual or online world. His father always pressed him to at least complete his education upto the degree level and then so bio etic online dating looking for a job.

His first brush with the e-commerce segment materialized when he purchased a domain name to finance his betting server project for just three dollars which he subsequently went on to sell at a profit of nine dollars. However, the promoters of Google or Microsoft were much older than Ashwin when they started off.

Eventually, he went on to pick up the basics of affiliate marketing and from the money he earned by working on several internet and automated social media marketing projects, he was in a position to establish OrganicApex.

Getting traction for your startup with no budget is still possible.

Later on he employed a doctor who was handsomely paid but he too deserted him as he too wanted to join Infosys for the sake of stability and security. In other words, girls would be raised in a manner so that they can become obedient and dutiful housewives post marriage and boys would be groomed in a manner so that they could carry forward the family traditions.

He also recalls having failed abjectly when he tried to earn money by writing blogs for an online marketing firm Adsense. As a placatory gesture he decided to earn a BBA degree from the same college within a year which he ultimately did.

How Ramesh turned Organic Apex into a money-spinning venture Ashwin Ramesh was born into a very conservative family that rigorously followed stereotyped gender roles like most other families in the social community.

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The firm focuses on offering PPC pay per click oriented marketing services, organic SEO and SEM services, and social media marketing services and has a team of young yet highly competent professionals.

They just cannot imagine their progenies working in a startup establishment. Parents still want their children to take up government and public sector jobs so that they could at least retire with a pension. But Ashwin was made of sterner stuff and not the one who could be browbeaten into fitting himself into the typecast mould.

Ashwin has lamented the fact that the mentality of the Indian community has remained archaic by and large.