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I have a feeling along side Vikings this will be one of the best period shows of the decade. After that somewhat arduous 40 minutes, when the protagonist Claire does wind up in the middle of the Plaid wearing sword brandishing Scottish highlands, the episode was phenomenal.

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Yes No 47 out of 82 people found the following review useful: Claire gets into trouble. I have never read the books nor do I plan on it. If you are still interested in this show I would recommend that you save yourself hours of mind-numbing soapbox drama and just watch Bravehart again.

Yes No 27 out of 45 people found the following review useful: This Jaime is way too short and is a hot-headed child. In the first two episodes the hero has a dislocated shoulder, is shot in the shoulder, then flogged, then beaten.

What got off to a slow start kept me interested with the inclusion of time travel, burly men I wanted to believe I could become and a decent love story of two souls from different times — literally.

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I think now they have fully introduced the back story future episodes will have more freedom to focus on the heart of this time travel tale. If stumpy old Tom Cruise was cast as Jamie and Big Bird as Claire, they would still love it so there is no talking to those emotionally invested die-hards.

If romance is your thing you will probably like this. This Outlander is outlandish and has become purulent maggoty tripe in the hands of the screen play writers who seem to enjoy brutal rape and torture scenes. I was hoping the pace would pick up and something interesting to happen but instead the pace gets slower with every episode.

The narration of the episodes comes off like an audio book. To highlight the danger her shirt is ripped open and boobs hanging out.

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I am pretty sure I am the demographic they were trying to hit with this…and they almost had me. Yes No 11 out of 16 people found the following review useful: He should be dead by now.

Yes No 59 out of people found the following review useful: This is essentially the story of a post WW2 nurse who somehow gets sent back approximately years to the tumultuous violent Scottish past.

So bad, in fact, that I have to fast forward or mute it.

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I love her wit, good graces and ability to land on her feet without hurting anyone. Is there an elephant in their room? Yes No 38 out of 62 people found the following review useful: First off the opening theme song is so awful that it is embarrassing.

Bohemian81 from Netherlands 23 May A sci-fi adventure into the past containing not much adventure or sci-fi but instead a lot of romance and overly long scenes of making love.

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However on a positive note: Overall i am really disappointed. Why does our society get off so much on this stuff?

Add some Celtic charm and music and nice photography and it makes the show pass by — barely. The entire first episode could have easily been edited down to 20 minutes. Especially the FAKE moans…. Her body build is disturbing, in scenes where she is naked you can count her ribs she looks very sickly and reminds me of the skeleton that used to hang in my Biology class.

But worst of all, they have totally embraced the love story in sickly, saccharined camp. Thankfully, the horrible acting of Caitrona Balfe has pulled me from the brink of outlander super fan.

Its tedious and redundant, adding to nothing but the running time. Hardly anything interesting is done with the time travel aspect besides setting up the romance with her 18th century hunk.

Now I must go and wash out my mouth, ears and eyes.

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The Scottish backdrop is gorgeous and the performers are predictably attractive. Then she needs saving by her handsome knight in shining armor and they make love afterward or beforehand, or in between….

Bedivere17 from United States 31 October Another British time-period series featuring British fondness for corporal punishment and gay rape. Was the above review useful to you? Speaking of the love making scenes: Now that combo could have worked, but unfortunately that possibility was killed by the poor pacing of the story.