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Autometer fuel gauge hook up, featured video

The gauge will cycle back and forth while cruising. My was going from 12 volts to 16 volts every 10 seconds.

Where to Hook Up Water Temp. Gauge and Oil Pressure Gauge>>>

Auto Meter is a well-known brand that can be trusted for quality parts. Some times the ground wire on the alternator comes loose and it stops charging, also causing this condition. During high boost, the gauge should read rich.

Auto Meter has always been an innovator in gauge technology and is a very popular choice in many professional racing series, as well as street performance car enthusiasts. The box also requires 12 volts and ground. If your oil is degrees, you can bet that your tranny oil is also at least degrees!

Autometer Air Fuel Gauge Wiring Diagram

When you need an oil change you may notice the oil temp going up because you're oil is thinning out. Just put a T in the vacuum line going to the stock gauge and run it to your new gauge.

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This gauge tells you everything. They talk about how if you're adding horsepower, you have to have gauges to see how the upgrades are affecting your vehicle.

Auto Meter Fuel Level Gauges | How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

When you start modifying your car, it is possible to get a super rich mixture and the gauge may tell you it's running lean. In the winter time, this gauge runs what does flirt mean in french In this episode we interviewed Autometer to try to give our customers as much information as possible about the Autometer brand.

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I took the 12 Volt source from the cigarette lighter. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart!

Oil Pressure Gauge Lines

The install of this gauge is the most complicated. It usually hangs around at volts, but when everything is on and I'm sitting in traffic, it goes down to 12 volts.

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Auto Meter was founded inand still offers some of the same gauge styles that have become classics in the automotive aftermarket, but it has also made leaps and bounds with more contemporary designs as well. The oil pressure sender is located above the oil filter.

There is perhaps no other gauge manufacturer as well-known as Auto Meter, and that's because it makes some of the best instrumentation in the world for both the street and track.

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Lastly, I bought a new fuel line from Saab and tore it apart to use the fittings to tie it all together. The first gauge I got was the Voltmeter gauge. Wrap any exposed wire with a layer of electrical tape to prevent shorts.

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So why do you need a transmission temperature gauge? This gauge is more for tuning the engine than anything else.

Air/Fuel ratio gauge install

Auto Meter Products Page You know you need to keep tabs on what's going on under your hood in order to keep your ride performing at its absolute best, and Andy's Auto Sport makes it easy and affordable with its wide selection of Auto Meter gauges, sensors, gauge pods, shift lights, and data acquisition loggers.

I decided to build my own fuel line to use the sender. This gauge can also help determine how worn your engine is. Items you will need. Autometer is probably the most respected manufacturer for performance automotive aftermarket gauges.

Here are some other key points in the video: Watch this video to find out!

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This is normal behavior. Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. When found, your test lamp will light up with the dash lights.

At 3, rpm is runs about psi. This is one of the most important gauges to have.

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Clamp the alligator clamp of the test lamp to a bare-metal surface on the car. This gauge will read 75 psi when the car is first started. On nearly all vehicles, the metal chassis is also the ground negativeallowing you to complete a circuit by touching any metal surface.

If you know what fuel pressure you have, then you can calculate how much fuel the engine is getting. As the engine bearings wear down, it takes more oil to fill the gaps.

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It's also pretty neat to watch the gauge to see it go from vacuum to boost! You can buy this from www. Losing oil pressure will destroy your engine very quickly.

There are 2 things to watch for on this gauge.

How to hookup a fuel gauge without fittings? - Third Generation F-Body Message Boards

This is the ECU going into a "closed loop" mode. In the summer time it runs about Twist these two wires together and cover them with a layer of electrical tape. If you're looking for a set of digital carbon fiber gauges for your show car, a set of vintage-styled gauges for your hot rod, or some serious date acquisition products for your drag racer, Auto Meter has a product that will match your style and needs, as well as your budget.

This gauge can tell you exactly how much boost you are running. At least bars in the green. One thing to remember is that the oil is directly affected by the tranny heat.