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They make it to the boat. She does and he uses it to start a fire. She says she prefers to be home. Bear says they still have more to do. Bear says the coast nearby is where they practiced for D-Day.

She sounds more confident and he says to stay there while he comes down. She says people told her that her life would completely change after it came out. As the actress loses her footing thousands of feet above the ground, she is heard yelling: But this time it is no joke.

They are bringing in some heather for bedding and will sleep under the stars.

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She grabs and he says to move right. She says she likes an adventure. They are on the shore of a lake and he says they have to be flirtiest emoticons. Kate says it was 12 seconds and another Tuesday morning for him.

Kate says she considers herself resourceful and says she has to wash her bra and has found a washing line. They swim and she says she was excited to see all the surprises he had for her.


He asks her how she got Titanic and she says she loved the script and there was noise that it would be Leo playing Jack. They head toward the valley and Bear says they have to make shelter, fire and find food. Different types of dating fossils activity talks about her six Academy Award nominations, one Oscar and 70 other awards.

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She says she has fish guts on her nipple. Despite some hairy moments, Kate survived the two-day ordeal, which also involved fishing for trout by hand and swimming in ice cold waters Despite some hairy moments, Kate survived the two-day ordeal, which also involved fishing for trout by hand and swimming in ice cold waters.

They head off and he says they have to make camp soon. He talks to her and says keep walking. In the night, she wakes up retching. He hands her a little trout and then kills it and drops it in her shirt.

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Eventually Winslet composes herself and grapples her way back up the mountain. She washes it and hangs it on the line. He asks about acting and she says her dad is and so she never had a plan B and has been lucky in that regard.

The land and she thanks him. They strip down to swim out in the freezing water.

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She was just joking for the camera as she plays for the camera. He says DontLookDown too much. He works his way down to her and she says she was scared. Kate even makes room for two people!

He spots a water source and they take a break to refill their bottles.

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She says he should have been up ages ago. She says it was really incredible and she always wanted to do it. She says she wants to do it again. She marches off calling come on Bear.

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She says being vulnerable and afraid are okay and she has loved every moment. Bear flies over on a weird contraption to pick her up. The heli drops Kate off in the middle of nowhere. She says a lot of people think life stops when you have a kid.

Did you watch the last episode? He says they could use it as a fishing net. She says she thanks her for being such a bitch because it made her stronger.

He cooks her up a worm and it crunches.

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She finds slate to use for plates. She says she feels calm and empowered. He clips her in and says you lean forward and keep both hands on the rope. Do you know funny that story would be on the other end? He tells her this is like a helicopter only more dangerous.

In the second season, Grylls will hit the great outdoors with Kate Hudson, Ed Helms and Drew Brees.

He calls it a sheeping bag. Share this article Share Suddenly, the actress turns her back to the camera and seems to throw up violently, whilst a concerned Grylls looks on helplessly. In Snowdonia, Wales, Kate flies in on a helicopter. She says to get on with it and not hang about.

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Kate says she bumped into the awful girl after she had success from Titanic and she saw her working on a beauty counter at a department store. Bear says he prides himself on being first up but this is a rare treat to have Kate doing the housework.

Bear says she has a natural determination. She says one girl who was awful in particular.

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