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There is a growing trend among wet-shavers looking to do away with safety razors and return to the simpler art of shaving the way our great grandfathers did, with a straight razor. Shaving purists Why We Love It: The advantage of english flirt sms collection company is that shavettes tend to be substantially cheaper than standard straight razors and also save the cost of buying a quality strop or paying to have the blade sharpened.

Construction plays a vital role, along with some other factors. Prepare Your Skin When shaving with a straight razor, especially for the first time, it is important to prepare your skin by washing it with warm water.

Be sure to pat it dry after use and store it in a dry area when it is not being used.

Quick Overview Straight Razors

The reason for that is because the hairs of your skin are very dense. One of the best ways to do this is by starting out with a shavette.

Watch our comprehensive guide to straight razors video: After a few shaves, you will most likely find it to be boker straight razor dating after divorce breeze. Dazzling engraving Boker handles and scales are well crafted and some of them look spectacular.

In other words, the higher the ratio, the thicker the width. On the other hand, safety razors are a lot easier to use. Meaning, the blade should not act like the hinge on a door and snap shut the second you let go, it should remain open.

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Scales can, and often are, replaced on vintage blades and therefore a razor may look brand new but may in fact be decades old. This gives your skin much needed moisturizing, making it more elastic so the blade is not as harsh on the skin. What To Look For The market is stocked with a lot of different ones, but in all realness, the majority are generally the same.

The thicker the stubble, the higher the ratio. You need to account for the materials needed to ensure proper storage of the razor plus the straps for keeping the Boker razor sharp. By shaving against the grain, it permits you to shave close without suffering from razor burn frequently experienced with disposable razors.

Additionally, shave your face while applying a relaxed pressure. Boker straight razors have a long history.

Advantages of using a Boker Razor

If you've ever taken a look at straight razors in the past, you might have asked yourself "what do those numbers mean? Only a handful of reputable straight razor manufacturers make the cut and prove worthy of the investment.

Well, what helps is for a wet-shaver to become familiar with using a straight razor. These tools are needed during the shaving process itself.

There may be a need for a few more accessories but rest assure that straight razors will be useful for a lifetime.

For a first time user you need also time to familiarize yourself with the working of the blade which unfortunately is extra time being spent. Also, be sure to get it sharpened every so often. In the s, safety razors became widely available for the public.

When looking to buy a straight razor, the things that you should consider are: Finger nail test Low-cost straight razors are so thick. When you make an investment into buying a well-made straight razor, even one that might already be years old, you are buying something that could last long enough to be used by your children and grandchildren.

This basically involves a strop and possibly a honing stone. Blade Size Safety Razor — Price: Because of that, using this razor limits your control in shaving your face.

Best Straight Razors

Once you have done the proper grip for the straight razor, you can proceed in shaving your facial hair with the lathered shaving cream on it. Well, for one thing straight razors have a huge longevity. A reissue of one of the most famous models in the history of Boker straight razors, dating back to The ebony handles add an elegant touch.

The accessories of owning a straight razor such as a strop and the occasional sharpening pale in comparison to the cost of ongoing shaving with a safety razor. If you have a thicker beard and are more concerned with cuts and knicks, consider investing in a preshave balm or soap.

Great weight balanced with strong grip control lets you dominate the shaving experience. How often do you need to get it sharpened you ask? If you are comparing a modern straight razor that has been sharpened, polished and was made with quality steel, you might consider choosing that over an antique razor that may have been made by a lesser quality craftsman and has irremovable wear on the blade.

Professionally honed by hand The Boker razor made in Solingen Germany is professionally honed by hand, portraying a sign of higher knowledge. It is a guarantee that each Boker Razor has undergone well thought-out crafting with the selective and new Boker razors having undergone individual production steps.

Think of it like the training wheels of shaving. However, if you're big on safety, you can't go wrong with a round tip razor. More than years later, a new series of straight razors is handmade in the Solingen factory and revives the old tradition. There is an inherent 'cool' factor to utilizing one of these glorious razors in your shaving routine and many out there are thinking about making the switch simply because they are following their 'man-stincts', but it might be surprising to learn that shaving with straight razor can save you a ton of cash in the long run.

Well, depending upon how often the razor is used, it is good to keep it between every months or whenever you feel it start to pull or tug. Don't be fooled by the scale in thinking that the blade is modern. It is best if the safety razor is nearly perpendicular to the surface of your face.

It definitely represents bang for buck. Water resistant handles The ivory structured handles are made of a synthetic material that is water-resistant, protecting them from any foreseen damage that may be caused by water. Well, to the untrained eye, it may look the same as a straight razor, except these shaving tools actually do not have a blade.

You can hold the straight razor properly by placing your thumb on the side of the blade, three of your fingers at the back of the blade, and your pinky on the tang. Solingen, Germany produces some of the best Kitchen knives and straight razors money can buy. In learning the proper usage of straight razors, it is inevitable for you to probably cut yourself.

Width Another big thing you will want to consider when making your first purchase is the measurements of the blade. Round Tip Vs Square Another thing that is debated among practitioner's of straight razor shaving is the round tip blade versus the square tip or spike blade.

Even though most wet-shavers find it fairly easy to adapt to shaving with a straight razor some find it even more comfortable than safety razorsit can be difficult for others. Traditionally, shavers with thicker stubble tend to prefer to purchase straight razors with a larger width, because the heft of the blade is easier to maneuver.

Also, the edge of the blade that has been finely sharpened should be so thin that can bend when applying pressure to it. After you have applied shaving cream on your facial hair, you can start shaving with the safety razor.