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Bunte teller flirtatious. What is a bunter teller? a plate of christmas cookies for everyone!

Where does the tradition of the Bunter Teller come from?

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One theory goes like this… Originally, Christmas trees were decorated with nuts, fruits and cookies. While we associate putting out Shoes for St.

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In he got his first patent, and before you know it, paper plates were in use. People loved the look… and started filling their plates with more calorie bomb sweets and fewer apples, oranges, dates and almonds.

Colorful plates with pictures of Children playing, the Weinachtsmann, and the Bethlehem stable.

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He had read an article about how unhygienic it was to put food on old newspapers, so he did some experimenting with pulp made from sawdust. More and more families began using them, and the treats were crowded off the tree in favor of these beautiful and re-usable decorations.

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My plate always had a bar of Nougat on it my favorite … my sister got Marzipan her favorite. Picture plates came soon after this, and by the s, special Christmas plates for Christmas confections were being offered.

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It is a plate of colorful goodies like cookiesfruit, candy and chocolates that is given at Christmas. Nicholas, somewhere along the line, a plate was added to collect goodies.

After the season, my mom would clean up the paper plates they were covered with a coating and put them away for next year. In a sense, the treats moved from shoes to tree to plate… Today kids get treats in shoes on Nicholas Tagand on plates for Christmas.

Kids loved that they could help themselves to these special seasonal treats… and then glass ornaments and lametta started showing up on trees.

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The bounty of sweets on the plate represents the best of the past year, and is a hope for a plentiful New Year!

You can even give everyone in the family their own!

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Paper plates were invented around years ago by a retired museum director, who was also a master Bookbinder, in the Brandenburg town of Luckenwalde. German Paper Cookie Plates These vintage paper plates are definitely German The cookies and treats on the plate are special, but the plates themselves have a story too.

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These were ours to eat, and not have to share. Whether you use the vintage paper plates, or you use regular serving plates, it is certain to become a favorite tradition in your home too.