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The captain has big plans and has obtained about one hundred acres of land. Plans are also in place for a five-star hotel, aquariums, roller coasters, and a zoo. He's a better person 41 Likes 1 Share sociologists do not believe in hearsay He recently established The Aquatic Jungle Entertainment, which is a tourist and entertainment center in Badagry.

Among the long list of things that Mr. This made Omotola the first Nigerian celebrity to star in her own reality show. She appeared in the icons category. The couple later held a white ceremony on board a Dash 7 aircraft while flying from Lagos to Benin inwith close family and friends present.

He became a pilot at age 16 and started flying since that age. Ekeinde is, he is also a romantic and family man. The two had best filipino dating websites introduced through his eldest sister at church, since laying eyes on her he fell in love and became a family friend.

While awaiting her results from university, she began modelling to earn a living. Captain Matthew completely adores his wife and treats her as if they are still dating.

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They have been happily married sincemaintaining twenty-one years of a strong marriage, with very little rumours and scandals. Even up to this very day he is able to keep the flames burning in his marriage.

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Capt matthew ekeinde dating games, it has been great, the past 20 years that we have been married now. My wife and I understand each other very well. So she is normal at home. Omotola's character overcame the disease and had a baby.

The undertaking brings hundreds of youths together for the Empowerment Walk and Convention.

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She was the youngest actress in Nigeria at this time to achieve this feat. The two exhibit a role model kind of relationship and are always willing to share advice for those who wish to hear.

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The album's launch party was scheduled to hold in Nigeria, and tables were expected to sell for N 1 million. In the movie, she played a sickle-cell patient who fights for her life despite the odds of survival.

I believe it is God. She grew up in a family of five, her parents and two younger brothers, Tayo and Bolaji Jalade.

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That is how we have been able to juggle it over the years and it has been working. This listing was compiled and researched by Yahoo! Picture of the white stained bedsheet or He is a fun loving man who appreciates and encourages his wife and children.

For me I am a bit disappointed, but no big deal, I am there to support my kids in whatever they want to do.

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She is considered Africa's biggest box office actress. The First Family of Nollywood? How did you rise through the ladder in your career? The film is regarded as one of Nigeria's best movies ever made. That alone is a major accomplishment by itself, especially when under the spectacles of the entertainment industry.

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Theirs was love at first sight and they have been married for 20 years which is seen as a rare feat in the nollywood industry. We have a work plan or ethic that anytime she is on location or she is out of the house for few days or few weeks, I try to schedule my flights to ensure that I am around, so if I go on flight, I make sure I return home that very day or the following day, so we have been able to juggle it.

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So far one acre has been developed, where he plans to open a mini-airport. That's essentially their secret to a long lasting marriage.

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Omotola lost her father in Despite been married to an award winning actress, Captain Matthew is a loving father to his 4 children and a dotting husband to his wife, almost scandal free marriage for the past 20 years despite the 10 year age difference between them. After about two years of waiting, he proposed to Omotola and married her before she went off to university.

Family and relationship It's no secret that Capt.

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The column is titled "Omotola's Diary" and features writings directly from Omotola about her life and experiences. During their twenty-one years of marriage, they have been blessed with four mature children who are understanding and luckily for them, not under anyone's bad influence or being led astray.

Adorable family photos of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. It would have been an enviable point if she got married at 27 and remained a virgin till then.