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His mother dies in his arms and he is just in time to hear her last words about his well- known uncle Helias and a horrible secret. All of the sudden, a cry lacerates the peaceful silence. Dario hurries across the fields to help his mother, but when he arrives it is already too late.

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As yet, Dario does not know anything about his past or his destiny, but he is well aware that he might be facing events he will not be able to change. Due to these tragic circumstances, Dario is not able to retain himself anymore and, in the name of the villagers, goes to war in order to make an end to the injustice.

But one overcame them all and assumed the title. Rise Of An Empire. The Settlers series returns for a sixth iteration, with new and enhanced. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the other villages want to have their needs satisfied prior to joining Dario.


This patch removes the DVD copy protection on the retail edition. On her deathbed, she gives an artifact to her son, ordering him to find Helias and ask for his advice. The army of Mordred used the cover of night to sneak in the neighbouring village, home of Dario's mother.

And that is the moment when Erec, a friend from his youth and temple knight, comes to his aid to support him during the fight against the evil menace.

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He opens the door of his little cottage and walks over to the well. Parts of the small village are still being attacked by Uther's dark troops in the name of King Mordred. Rise of an Empire, build and empire and defend your mighty kingdom. But as there are too few of them and because of their abysmal armament, they need the help of the other villages in order to stand a chance.

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Dario has a notion that something horrible might happen and that he might die if he does not move. One survivor from the village approaches Dario and tells him that his mother was badly injured during last night's assault.

Dario and the surviving villagers decide to attack the encampment of Mordred's army. This story is situated in a world once home to many kings.