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HuffPost spotted him outside the concert. What time is it now? Hager flew out to San Rafael, met the Waldos, examined their evidence, spoke with others in town, and concluded they were telling the truth.

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It was like a police code for smoking in progress or something. Officials at the University of Colorado at Boulder and University of California, Santa Cruz, which boast two of the biggest smoke outs, are pushing back.

Steven Bloom was wandering through The Lot - that timeless gathering of hippies that springs up in the parking lot before every Grateful Dead concert - when a Deadhead handed him a yellow flyer. But I think it's possible my brother Patrick might have spread it through Phil Lesh.

No bands, no speakers, no chants. One is head of marketing for a Napa Valley winery.

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By the early '90s, it had penetrated deep enough that Dave and Steve started hearing people use it in unexpected places - Ohio, Florida, Canada - and spotted it painted on signs and etched into park benches.

The code pops up in Craig's List postings when fellow smokers search for " friendly" roommates. It's the number of active chemicals in marijuana. It was Christmas week in Oakland, Once High Times got hip to it, the magazine helped take it global.

Asked about the origin ofhe suggested it began "somewhere in the foggy mists of time.

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Patrick tells the Huffington Post that he smoked with On stage monitor hookup diagram on numerous occasions. Just a bunch of people getting together and getting stoned.

He does take pride in his role, though. He couldn't recall if he used the term around him, but guessed that he must have. Inwhen the California legislature codified the medical marijuana law voters had approved, the bill was named SB Where does come from?

Until then, it was relatively confined to the Grateful Dead subculture. Our parents didn't know what we were talking about.

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Mark Waldo's father took care of real estate for the Dead. The publicity that High Times gave it is what made it an international thing. Nearly all of the clocks in the pawn shop scene in "Pulp Fiction," for instance, are set to 4: It's teatime in Holland. He had to admit that no, he had never looked it up.

Bloom, then a reporter for High Times magazine and now the publisher of CelebStoner. The code often creeps into popular culture and mainstream settings. Hager still believes them. The Waldos also had open access to Dead parties and rehearsals. He pauses and thinks, hands on his side.

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Dave is now a credit analyst and works for Steve, who owns a specialty lending institution and lost money to the con artist Bernie Madoff.

Wavy-Gravy is a hippie icon with his own ice cream flavor and has been hanging out with the Dead for decades. It wasn't really much of High Times doing," he says. Just as interesting as its origin, it turns out, is how it spread. High Times magazine flew me out," says Dave.

420 Meaning: The True Story Of How April 20 Became 'Weed Day'

When somebody passes a joint or something, 'Hey, I say to you: It's those numbers in that Bob Dylan song multiplied. Pot is still, after all, illegal. You guys ever look it up?

It had nothing to do with a police code -- though the San Rafael part was dead on.

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As fortune would have it, the collapse of San Francisco's hippie utopia in the late '60s set the stage. We did it week after week," says Steve.

He's just finished a Dead show in Washington, D. He would know if I was saying, 'Hey, do you wanna go smoke some?

La chouette d'or: days and still hidden | MetaFilter

If you were involved with SB and know the story, email me. And me, too, because I was hanging out with Lesh and his band [as a roadie] when they were doing a summer tour my brother was managing.

Students and locals will show up at round four, light up at 4: But hey, it worked for me," says Waldo Dave. The day has managed to become something of a national holiday in the face of official condemnation.

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They also have a story. What's the real story? The first forays out were unsuccessful, but the group kept looking for the hidden crop. Bloom, the reporter who first stumbled on it, gives High Times less credit.

Meaning: The True Story Of How April 20 Became 'Weed Day' | HuffPost

Tamalpais," reads the message, which Bloom dug up and forwarded to the Huffington Post. So unless somebody can come up with something that predates them, then I don't think anybody's going to get credit for it other than them," he says.

It's a lot of fun, but it seems like if someone does it too much, there's some karmic cost to it. It originally started out 4: How did spread from a circle of California stoners across the globe?

It goes like this: