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As ofmost attend 18 Delta Fort Bragg 's special operations medic course. SWCCs also receive extensive in-house training in these and other areas on an ongoing basis in order to keep skills fresh and synergies alive.


Naval Special Warfare Group 4[ edit ] Insignia. While readiness is still achieved by pooling of crew skills through medic assistant quals, SWCCs are now taking on lead medic roles within their community capitalizing on the benefit of a stable maritime platform, additional medical equipment, and the ability to provide longer-term stabilization of casualties on board their craft.

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Navy training provides everything from the fundamentals of explosive ordnance disposal, to knowledge of chemical and biological warfare, military tactics, deep-sea diving or a number of other tactical military procedures.

Serving as a force multiplier, the MCADS capability enables naval special warfare sailors to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world in a maritime environment. Navy from onwards as part of an advanced technology demonstration ATD program.

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The system deploys an meter RIB rigid inflatable boat rigged with four large parachutes from the back of a C or C at approximately 3, feet.

The crew compartment features seven deck mounted seats and standing room for four. The boats come in at around 80 feet long and feature wave-piercing hulls.

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Army Air Assault School. Before reporting to a team, all SWCCs must attend a week language course, where they must learn a language assigned to them according to the needs of their respective teams. These men are among the rare exceptions to the general rule that "all Navy combat medics are hospital corpsmen".

Students abilities, mental fortitude and teamwork skills are tested during an arduous 4 day evolution involving little sleep, constant exposure to the elements, underway boat and swimming events, and a test of navigational skills and boat tactics.

CCH SEALION specifications (approx):

They are able to initiate and administer IV fluids and medications independently and perform certain minor surgeries two wire thermostat hook up stitches in the field at their own discretion. It may also be transported by an L-class well deck amphibious vessel.

Work Environment SWCC operators may be deployed anywhere in the world and operate day or night in cold weather, desert, tropical or jungle environments. Because of changes leading to the establishment of the SB rating, non-corpsmen SWCCs attend the course, [8] become qualified NSW combat medics, and serve primarily as medics for the rest of their careers within Naval Special Warfare, in addition to performing the various other roles of a SWCC crewman.

Find out how much you can qualify for. Physical training here is geared to prepare the student to meet the requirements of the operational special boat teams.

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Thus, while not all hospital corpsmen are combat medics, and not all combat medics are hospital corpsmen, all SWCCs are by the general definition trained combat medics — particularly after repeated workup cycles and ongoing training have refined their skills to a level comparable with conventional combat medics and civilian EMTs.

Special Operations forces or within U.

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There are no part-time jobs available for this career track. This test is referred to as the Crucible or "The Tour". However, the SWCC community generally recognizes these members as "medic assistants" to distinguish them from the lead [para]medic, whose primary function as a professional paramedic is continually reinforced by years of training and experience.

The compartment features coxswain and navigator stations from where primary craft steering is controlled via joysticks and tillers.

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Department of Defense schools according to the needs of their respective team. This phase of training is 21 weeks long.

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The payload compartment can be configured to meet specific mission requirements. This course starts with a three-week indoctrination.

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Special warfare combat medics are the primary or lead combat medics in a SWCC detachment. They can intubate and administer oxygen and other interventions done by paramedics.

CQT concentrates on teaching maritime navigation, communications, waterborne patrolling techniques, marksmanship and engineering, as well as close-quarters combat and SERE Level C. Crewman qualification training[ edit ] Instructors of crewman qualification training develop, train and qualify SWCC candidates in basic weapons, seamanship, first aidand small unit tactics.

Navy carrier and expeditionary strike groups to accomplish operational tasks Operate and maintain ordnance systems, communications, electronics, small boats and other equipment associated with SWCC and other special operations missions Perform direct action raids against enemy shipping and waterborne traffic Provide rapid mobility in shallow water areas where larger ships cannot operate There are no part-time jobs available for this career track.

It also has limited coastal patrol and maritime interdiction capabilities. Approximately four SWCCs immediately follow the boat out of the plane and parachute to the immediate proximity of where the boat lands in the water.

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Many NSW medics originally came from the hospital corpsman rating. A door at the stern allows for a zodiac combat rubber raiding craft CRRC to be launched and recovered.

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This training is equivalent or exceeds civilian EMT-P certification, a civilian qualification which they are indeed eligible to test for immediately after training. The student also receives an introduction to the NSW mission planning cycle, enabling him to participate in the planning, briefing, execution, and debriefing of an NSW mission from their tasking, to launch point, and on to their combat objective, where students apply all the techniques they have acquired during training.

The SWCC basic crewman training is nine weeks long. Within 20 minutes the SWCCs have the boat unpacked and rigged to get underway to deliver an element of SOF special operations force operators to any potential target of interest, or to conduct their own mission.

The CCFLIR package includes stabilized infrared, day color and low light cameras, laser range finder and laser pointer.

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Upon the completion of SWCC basic crewman training, students advance to crewman qualification training. The crew compartment also features an engineering station from where craft systems can be monitored and controlled.

Because of this, all SWCCs receive ongoing and repeated in-house training in combat first aid, basic life support, airway management and oxygen administration, trauma carelimited emergency medication administration, and IV therapy — a set of skills roughly analogous to civilian BLSBTLSand EMT-B qualification, and thus quite arguably conferring on every SWCC the unofficial distinction of being a combat lifesaver by the general definition.

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Due in part to the extremely difficult training and operating environment of SWCCs, they are qualified to operate jointly with other armed forces particularly those within USSOCOM such as SEALsSpecial ForcesMARSOCand AFSOCoperate in inclement weather and sea state, evade and fight on land as a contingency, and perform maritime special operations missions such as direct action, recon, ship boarding or vessel board, search and seizure, and sea-to-land support using a broad array of vessels and armaments.