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It was well worth the effort to have legal representation. I have never seen a Cop back track the way this cop did now he was acting like he was our best friend and that we had valid points.

Prior to this position, Justin was the principal of his own law office. I took a driver improvement class even though I still felt strongly I did not do it. My speeding was reduced to a non-moving violation defective equipmentwhich I am very thankful for.

Ads promoting prostitution and child sexual abuse have previously been posted in the "personals" section of Craigslist. Her practice areas include business law and commercial contracts, with a particular emphas Steve specializes in immigration law and is also experienced in dealing with commercial contracts.

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Matney Law PLLC

Contacted Craigslist newport news va dating laws 5 days push and pull strategy dating my hearing and the man was a superstar!

Standing in front of the judge the only time I that spoke was when I was being sworn in. I couldn't have been happier with Matney Law.

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Very professional about his job - John W. It was my first time receiving a reckless driving ticket, and Mr. Hands down without question I would hire Mr.

Bottom line - trust him, he's really good.

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We went to court and they extended the hearing to take place a couple months later. I was able to contact him and his staff as needed throughout the time leading to my case I was then able to have my ticket reduced to a reasonable amount thank you for your time and efforts towards my case I would recommend this lawyer and his firm to friends or family.

He's very caring, polite, and a honest man. Couldn't recommend him any more. I highly, highly recommend employing Mr. He was polite, and responded in a very quick manner.

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Much better than what I could have gotten! He is licensed to practice law in Texas and obtained his law degree from the South Texas College of Law.

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Mary's assistance, calling me to remind me to stick with the program, helped keep me on track getting ready to appear, so when the date arrived all my papers were in order.

He is calm and friendly, known by his colleagues in court. Matney and his staff were supportive, communicated frequently and walked me through every step of the process.

He prepares you very well for that all important day in court which can change a lot of things in your life if the outcome is not favorable. Matney is one of the best in the area. I'm very thankful for his outstanding work for me and my family and I'm grateful for retaining his services.

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Working as a photographer with a wide ar Yet the state of VA wants to pin reckless driving on a lot of people. He has been an attorney at Colby Law Office since October She is also experienced in immigration law, and often assists corporate clients with drafting, negotiating and reviewing commercial contracts.

Mark Matney is a great lawyer and a good family oriented Christian man. Was in a freak accident where the cop said I was at fault for failing to yield. Mark did all the talking and presented my case on my behalf.

It will apply to all states in the US. We can't take such risk without jeopardising all our other services, so we are regretfully taking Craigslist personals offline," it said. The way he cared for me during this case after it pretty much derailed my life was outstanding. A load off my mind, thanks again!!!

His attorney fees are the cheapest and reasonable prices around and he even split my payment up. Having done all he recommended me to do, we went back to court and the case was dismissed!

My case went smoothly and I felt that Mr. I had him for a reckless driving ticket. Matney on a case involving speeding 80 in a It said "paid services involving physical sexual contact" were against its latest policies. Matney expressed an elevated level of trusted professionalism, understanding, and diligence in working towards dropping this major charge.

He was very friendly, full committed to the case, honest and thorough. He fought for me like I was his own son and everything worked out.

Image copyright Craigslist Image caption The personals section has been closed in the US "Any tool or service can be misused.

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Mark, Mary, and Claire you're very delightful and beautiful people inside and out. His fee was reasonable and fair, and he made me feel very comfortable with the whole situation.

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It imposes fines and prison terms for those who own or operate a website that facilitates prostitution. Once I hired him he gave me a step by step instructions on what documents he need from me.