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You sometimes feel like you should be exercising your ability to wear ridiculously high heels, even though you just want to wear flats.

As kids, tall girls get teased for their stature. If you love our height, let us know!

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Platt entirely and may be subject to change. Be back in 3min 22sec The 6inch heels help a lot Tall women are people too and deal with the same sort of judgements as short guys do. Pretty much everyone you meet — even random people on the street — make comments on your height difference.

My friend and I were just talking the other day about how funny this is.

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And to the women that are taller me: Consequently, some of us suffer from Tall Girl Syndrome. My height does not my character make. But there's only one woman? Can I have it?

Tall chick

It is written by a woman who is 6'1" tall. Standing-up kisses can look hilariously awkward. A He has a lot of money, or B He has a huge penis. I would love it! They care what kind of man you are. I'm a strong climber.

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Stay Away from the Cheesy Lines. Pretty much this, for every complaint by a short guy that women want tall men, it's worse if you consider how uncomfortable many men feel dating a taller woman. Posing for group pictures can be near-impossible. BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing Something for me and maybe something for you—a humorous and insightful blog to help me in the creative writing process.

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I don't think a lot of people realize their struggle. Let her know who you are, and she may fall for you. Sometimes, he hangs out with other tall friends and when they talk in a group, you kind of feel like a little kid in a circle of adults.

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Let it be fine for you. Everyone asks you if he plays basketball.

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Probably a joke about not being able to get the two of you in the frame. I, too, have the sex. Treat Her Like a Lady. I just have a lot of feelings.

How I feel about tall chicks

Like what you read? While some women think being tall is something worth writing a book about, other women perceive it to be a disability equivalent to a clubfoot.

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You pick her up for a date. To be fair, any woman 6'2" probably learns pretty quick not to judge on height if she wants to date much.

I will say this.

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You also get a lot of dirty comments about all the possibilities of the height difference. Dated a girl who was 6'5".

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What will your buddies think when you roll into the party with a woman who towers above you? Dated a tall women for a while.

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