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Plain top, gold or chrome plated brass, cross-hatch pattern on side. Van Eps, Roc Jet, Streamliner: In very clean condition with its OHSC. When that fell through, they looked Gretsch, along with Burns, a much smaller London-based builder.

Square metal plate with engraved model name.

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Single mute with 1 small lever knob. FMIC has refined and improved the mid-priced Electromatic line by discontinuing the low-end bolt-neck models of the late s and early s, which incorporated generic humbucking pickups and wraparound bridges.

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The Cow and Cactus inlays are probably one of Gretsch's coolest features, at least in my eye. He produced and played on so many recording in all these genres including the Everly Brothers early Pop and Rock records. Leo Fender creates the first mass-produced solid body guitar named the Broadcaster in The parallels and timing are quite intriguing.

The peghead on a Gretsch single Anniversary.

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This early serial NA bass guitar has an unusually dating vintage gretsch guitars instruments fretboard with original neck binding, sometimes seen on the early models. The Country Classic models became Country Gentlemen once again.

Much like Gibson's tuneamatic bridge. Gretsch is now using its own name on guitars for the first time, rather than just selling to wholesalers. This prototype has several interesting features not found on the 5-string production model.

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Clear knobs, barrel shaped. Rickenbacker model WB bass guitar in Mapleglo. An Asian import, which looked more like a Danelectro then a Gretsch guitar.

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Prices of vintage Gretsch guitar begin to rise. DiMarzio or generic Japanese Humbucking pickup were used on some models, screw poles, metal cover.

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In latethe neck-thru construction was no longer used and the model changed to set-neck construction; that is, the neck tenon was glued into the body and does not run the entire length of the bass. With silver tolex OHSC in near mint condition.

In Januarywith a new agreement of the Atkins family, Gretsch announced the return of Chet Atkins as an endorser.

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All original with silver OHSC. Following in the footsteps of Eddie Cochran, many players also wanted a Gretsch And finally the use of Brazilian rosewood on the humptop inlay fingerboard, and ebony on the neoclassic board.

No adjustment for intonation or string spacing.

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As a general rule, humptop inlays on a Gretsch means or early How odd that these Country Western rockabilly twangers, probably Texas bound on some freight train, should be designed, assembled and born right in New York City.

Gray top part, orange background for "The Fred Gretsch Mfg. Viking, Anniversary, Rally, Broadkaster, Rancher: Although the first Rickenbacker bass was produced ins Rickenbacker solidbody basses are rare. Rickenbacker model in Jetglo. Three or four have surfaced and all of them have serial numbers in the range.

Bearing no official name, just a lable affixed to the bottom of the pickguard with the model numberthese instruments appear to be Country Gent prototypes.

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Gretsch Pickups and Bridges: This was a metal threaded rod with individual rolling string guides to adjust string spacing. This instrument is finished in Jetglo, last seen as a standard Combo finish in and re-introduced to the standard RIC color spectrum in DeArmond Gretsch Dynasonic Fidela-tonesingle coil, black face, poles adjust by a separate set of screws.

It is not easy to find a vintage Gretsch in great condition and an affordable price. Often the inlay at the first fret is not engraved.

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In very fine condition; the neck was replaced at some point in its life, apparently by the factory after ; the triangle inlays were recently replaced with crushed pearl inlays and the neck refinished by noted Rickenbacker luthier Paul Wilczynski.

Jimmie Webster, guitar innovator and player, joins Gretsch.

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Truss rod adjustment at peghead, small truss rod cover. With silver reissue HSC. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine.