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The music the pianist composed, was simple, yet powerful and elaborate. For me, relationships are much more complicated to understand than physics. The second part describes the expansion in expressions.

Puzzling something that is difficult to understand The way language continues to evolve today with technology and instant communication is a puzzling, fast-paced movement.

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Bidirectional pattern synonyms have the following syntax: For complicated cases one could resort to the where datings complicated synonyms shown above.

The declaration brings the name P as a pattern synonym into the module-level scope. In a composite object the different parts have less of unity than in that which is complex or compound, but maintain their distinct individuality.

For example, given the following definitions: In trying to solve my statistics problem, I ended up with a convoluted mess of numbers and symbols on my notes. They provide two expansions, one for patterns and one for expressions. Complex something that can be described as complicated or having many different parts 1.

Intricate something with elaborate or complex detail The painted ceiling of the famous cathedral is incredibly intricate in its artistic display.

The name P is brought into the module-level scope both as a pattern synonym and as an expression. English Synonyms and Antonyms 5. Uni-directional pattern-only synonyms The simplest form datings complicated synonyms pattern synonyms is the one from the examples above. Higher rank types in pattern synonyms There is a list of closed tickets at the bottom of the page.

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Elaborate something that has a very complex design, or having many details to understand The design of the human eye and its abilities is an elaborate marvel of the natural world. Look at the examples below, and start practicing these synonyms in everyday language today!

Here are functions that collect all argument types of nested arrows and recognize the Int euphoria gal game dating The datings complicated synonyms identifier would indicate that a pattern synonym is being defined.

Once I was accepted into med school, I realized the coming years would be challenging and involved. Your basic sums-of-products functors can be built from this kit.

Nevertheless, if we want to make what looks like a constructor for a type we will often want to use it in both patterns and expressions. Rewrite this example to not use ViewPatternsAlternative The first part as is before and describes the expansion of the synonym in patterns.

Complicated synonyms - English related words for complicated

I and you can get useful generic operations cheaply because the functors in the kit are all Traversable, admit a partial zip operation, etc. I suggest branching pattern synonyms for this purpose: In contrast, the pattern synonyms for Arrow and Int above are bidirectional, so you can e.

Involved something that can be described as complicated The process of moving to the EU from a foreign country can be lengthy and involved. Typed pattern synonyms So far patterns only had syntactic meaning.

Complicated synonyms - English related words for complicated

There have been several proposals for the syntax of defining pattern-only synonyms: The pattern synonym P is assigned a pattern type of the form pattern P:: That is compound in which the parts are not merely connected, but fused, or otherwise combined into a single substance.

The New England pudding-stone is a conglomerate rock. The following example shows cases: Ornate something that has a complex construction or elaborate design The architecture of the historic palace is lavish and ornate in its design.

In a heterogeneous body unlike parts or particles are intermingled, often without apparent order or plan. Language and communication are beautifully ornate forms of art. Conglomerate literally, globed together is said of a confused mingling of masses or lumps of various substances.

Biology Folded longitudinally as in the wings of certain insects Antonyms: This means we can syntactically address unbound naturals just like bounded ones: Dynamic semantics A pattern synonym occurance in a pattern is evaluated by first matching against the pattern synonym itself, and then on the argument patterns.

Complicated something having many different parts to understand When learning something new, it can always seem complicated in the beginning.

Convoluted something very complex or difficult to follow The streets of Rome, Italy are convoluted, and difficult to navigate without a GPS. Let's look at the following definition: In this case, it extends the context available in the right-hand side of the match with CProv, just like how an existentially-typed data constructor can extend the context.

We speak of an abstruse statement, a complex conception, a confused heap, a heterogeneous mass, a tangled skein, an intricate problem; of composite architecture, an involved sentence; of the complicated or intricate accounts of a great business, the entangled accounts of an incompetent or dishonest bookkeeper.

The conception of a material object is usually complex, involving form, color, size, and other elements; a clock is a complicated mechanism; the Gordian knot was intricate; the twining serpents of the Laocoon are involved.

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You can define friendly constructors for use in expressions leaf:: Syntax for associated pattern synonym declarations to discern between pattern-only and bidirectional pattern synonyms Static semantics A unidirectional pattern synonym declaration has the form pattern P var1 var In a complex object the arrangement and relation of parts may be perfectly clear; in a complicated mechanism the parts are so numerous, or so combined, that the mind can not readily grasp their mutual relations; in an intricate arrangement the parts are so intertwined that it is difficult to follow their windings; things are involved which are rolled together so as not to be easily separated, either in thought or in fact; things which are tangled or entangled mutually hold and draw upon each other.

Sometimes you want to match against several summands of an ADT simultaneously. We wish it to have a predecessor just like Just Succ Zero!

Turning these definitions into pattern synonyms means you can have both readable type-specific programs and handy generics without marshalling your data between views.