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Gun Maniac or Mech Maniac. In a press conference held in South Korea on February 14,NTL expressed interest in releasing the game to a worldwide audience. Three skill points can be added to this skill.

He is one meet datehookup the two main villains of Dragon Ball Online, who employs time travel and mind control to reach his ultimate goal: She is one of the two main villains of Dragon Ball Online.

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The Namekians are leading peaceful lives while maintaining their own unique culture, although some became wary because of the destruction of Namek and New Namek and distanced themselves from the Saiyans and Earthlings, who had their dormant blood.

Please take good care of me! Once reaching the required level, Namekians may obtain and undergo a transformation similar to the Giant Form ; known as Great Namek in the game. During this period time, a number of notable events have occurred, including the appearance of a Majin race, the arrival of what appear to be Yardratians in the Southern Galaxy, and most recently, a gulf forming in time.

Unlike the other race-only transformations, Super Saiyans do not obtain Transformation-only techniques, however the skills that they have learned in base form are still accessible.

Once guarding an attack, a player can choose to counter and deflect the attack. Once reaching the required level of skill, a Dragon Clan can choose one of two secondary careers: Ina group of ambitious people got together to start Dragon Ball Online Global, a private server project created for purpose of reviving an old, but not forgotten, cherished game.

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Dende Priesta master class with more powerful healing abilities, or Poko Priesta master class that grants them summoning abilities to bring forth monsters that do their bidding, similar to King Piccolo.

Moreover, some of the original characters of the manga will make their appearance on the game from time to time, so you better watch out and look for them. Contents [ show ] Overview The Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama had a great deal of creative control over the project, both contributing to and having complete supervision of the story and art design, including character and location arrangements; every single thing in the game from the usable in-game techniques to story elements had to be checked by Akira Toriyama, and if consent was given from him were then allowed to be placed in the game.

Additionally, per each class, there are two optional sub-careers or "master classes"which grant players a weapon, greater self buffs and skills.

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As in most MMORPGs, players will be able to obtain money and experience which will allow them to level up and obtain new abilities. However, currently there are only three playable races: They have access to the Planet Burst and Genocide Blast, two energy attacks with long range and short cool-down periods and the appearance of a Pure Majin is similar to those of Kid Buu.

Are the DBO Revelation servers up and running yet? Warrior-type Namekian — Members of the Namekian warrior caste, such as Piccolo. Human, Namekian, and Majin. When will the DBO Revelation servers be released? Spiritualist - Mystics who specialize in spiritual techniques, like Chaozu.

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To date, three playable races have been announced: This skill can have up to three skill-points added to it, which lessens the cool-down period and makes its duration last longer. Characters New characters Dragon Ball Online does not have "main characters", as the story of the game more-or-less revolves around the players themselves.

Mister Buu is highly curious by nature. When reaching the required level of skill, Humans may undergo the Super Saiyan transformation if they wish for it. But soon, after about years had passed, in Agedisaster struck New Namek. Churai — A female Demon and member of Time Breaker.

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We are hoping to create a unique community unlike anything ever seen before! The only thing that I can do as of now is to assist in the awakening of that power… Let us wait. Mothman — A mammoth Animal-type Earthling who lived in the Karin Forest long before the Karinga tribe settled down there.

Afterwards, in order to redeem his wrong actions, Trunks took up the job of time patrol, whose role was to correct the distortion of history. Towa — A female member of the Time Breakers.