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The main temple dedicated to Goddess Durga has been constructed in the South Indian style. Statutes of Durga are paraded through the streets, then immersed in water.

I opted for the North Indian Grihapravesh and the whole experience was seamless and delightful. Parthasarathy Rao It was an awesome experience with Smart Puja. She blessed Lord Rama so that he could win the battle which started on Maha Saptami. The festival celebrates life, culture, traditions and customs.

Panditji sent from SmartPuja was experienced and learned. Although people visit these temples all around the year, the crowd gets larger during the Navratri festival. Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in Big heart and soul scene dating and it is the most important socio-cultural event in the Bengali society.

Durga Puja Calendar for Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Aside from the idol of Durga, the deities Lakshmi and Narayan are also worshipped in this temple. The people perform a fast for around 7 days out of all the 9 days of Navratri.

Ravana's durga puja 2018 in bangalore dating took place on Dashami which is the day when Dussehra is celebrated by the Hindus. The biggest and most significant Durga Puja festival, however, still takes place in West Bengal in the municipality of Kolkata.

Apart from traditional rituals, many cultural activities like song and dance competitions, games and fetes are organized during the festival. This is one of the temples of Durga that not only reflect the traditional architecture of Hindu temples but also the art and design of the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

The devotees believe that the idol is a self-manifestation of Goddess Durga. Community Pujas are also organized in each locality. Durga Puja calendar This is the custom of conjuring the nearness of the Goddess in the icon.

Kudos to the entire team of SmartPuja for keeping everything simple and streamlined for customers. Story of Lord Rama in relation to Durga Puja: It is trusted the Goddess drops to earth at the season of drawing the eyes on the symbols.

Now you're all set! Panditji was very helpful and knowledgeable.

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The Durga Temple sits on the Durga Kund. The 'Sandhikshan' is the crossover period between Ashtami and Navami the 3rd and 4th days of the Puja. Thousands of people line up at the pandals. In dismay, the Gods combined their powers to create a maiden, and each placed each of their most powerful weapons in one of her ten hands.


Worshippers then visit friends and family, exchange blessings, eat sweets and sumptuous meals, and dress in traditional garb. Once gaining this power he started destroying the world, killing people and tried to kill the Gods too. Some devotees observing the fast prefer sleeping on the floor so as to avoid the comfort of a bed.

In Saptami of Durga Puja is celebrated on in. The Panditjis were knowledgeable, co-operative and disciplined. Nine types of plants including a small banana tree are bathed and worshipped during pre-dawn hours of Saptami. This is one of the Durga temples in India that was built in the 18th century.

Durga Puja 2018 and 2019

Finally, Bengalis who live in other nations also often observe the feast. Related Link Translate this page About Us Office Holidays provides calendars with dates and information on public holidays and bank holidays in key countries around the world.

The arrangements of the celebration are as interesting as the celebration itself. This temple was built in along the Vivekananda Bridge in Kolkata. Having received blessings from Lord Brahma, Mahishasura started killing people mercilessly and harassing the gods. At the end of it all it gave a great sense of satisfaction.

It is one of the famous pilgrimages where devotees come in large numbers to offer their prayers to Goddess Kali, a form of Durga. My family and I were happy with the Puja experience. Maha Saptami On the seventh day saptami of Durga Puja, the goddess started her epic battle against Mahishasura.

He was even successful in driving the gods away from their abode, that is, heaven.

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The last five days of celebration, however, are the most important. Durga Puja is also a time of family reunions and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Bengali people. Durga Puja celebrates the ten-armed mother goddess, and her victory over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Each of her ten arms brandished the deadliest weapon of each god. Read more about Durga Ashtami. The fast usually ends on Ashtami or Navami.

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I would thank the whole team of Smart Puja for this timely and prompt service they had offered to me in a short time period. She is considered to be the essence of female energy. This is the day that Durga is believed to heave finally killed her demon opponent in battle.

Men who fast during this festival are not allowed to shave until their fast is over. On the evening of Shashti, the face of the idol is unveiled.

The festival is commemorated by worshipping Goddess Durga. The Durgiana Temple is at a few minutes distance from the Golden Temple. She received all the weapons to fight Mahishasura from the gods. Some devotees take only one meal on each day of Durga Puja fasting.

The statues are carried to a river or other body of water to be immersed. Before his battle with Ravana, Lord Rama invoked the goddess and her victory over the buffalo-demon, which ties the festivals of Durga Puja and Dusserhra closely together.