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I don't know whether if that is right.

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When I go to Ulm, I'll eat eel [This can also mean: Now to test your knowledge of history by your questions to a supermarket worker who works in switzerland and sleeps in France.

Einstein believed that God does not play dice. When I was 5, I often ate eel.

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Die Frage ist an deiner Stelle sicherlich berechtigt. It is not her intention to respond here to all the questions raised in the Green Paper.

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It is a little more tentative than wenn. I don't know when I'm going to Ulm [indirect question: Darf ich Sie oder Darf ich Ihnen etwas fragen? As long as the interior of the earth is hot, the continents will move. I went back to see where I had missed that in the lessons, but there are no Grammar lessons for 7.

Would be really nice if either People include the permanent link to the lesson with the post. Thank you in advance for your help!

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When the sentence is with "sie" it could be the nominative or accusative case. My own question here is what criteria should be used to impose sanctions.

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Da is slightly more formal. Byron-K21 — February 20,2: Sometimes it rains, sometimes the sun shines. Innsbrucker — February 20,5: These indicate the conditions under which something will happen.

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Wenn es stimmt, bin ich froh. Some of the students go to the library, some stay at home.

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Note that, although wenn can sometimes be translated as whenever, as in the fourth and fifth examples above, the best translation for whenever is immer wenn. Nero played his flute while Rome burned.

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I hope this helps! Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Der Stern von Bethlehem war weder eine Supernova, noch war er ein Komet. By the time she smiled, many years had passed.

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However, Paul should have the final word on that. As soon as the children see Barney, their brain stops functioning. Our Forum offers you know-how on numerous topics, the possibility to ask questions and to take part in discussions. Sometimes the panda bear is aggressive, sometimes it's unbelievably sweet.

All the best Darf ich Sie oder Darf ich Ihnen etwas fragen?

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That is helpful to me as well. Is fragen always dative too? Seitdem and seit mean "since" in the temporal sense only. On the one hand I'm on a diet, on the other hand I'd like to eat some ice cream.

Byron-K21 — February 19,5: If you build it, they will come. Paul-Weber — February 20,8: Als ich jung war, mochte ich Aal. Teils gehen die Studenten zur Bibliothek, teils bleiben sie zu Hause.

The event was followed by questions from the audience and a networking reception. This matter is dealt with elsewhere. Weder war der Stern von Bethlehem eine Supernova, noch war er ein Komet. Innsbrucker — February 19,5:

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