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The six feet tall Sugreeva idol in front of the Garuda pillar attracts you while Lord Venkateshwara and Padmavathi temples in the inner shine will never fall flat to mesmerize you with their divine grandeur. Astrologer Eshwar Ji has respect and empathy for all his clients, thus he ensures the solutions of all your personal and professional issues.

It is definitely one of the best and most unique temples in the world. The temple also houses a sculpture of lord Agni or the God of fire, which is a rarity in India.

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Later in the 16th century, Kempegowda I, the founder of Bangalore, revamped and extended the temple. The Kanyakaparameshwari Temple Located in Kumara Park, the Kanyakaparameshwari temple is a unique temple with distinct features. A beautiful image of Shakti Ganapathi with 12 hands adorns the left side of the main entrance to the temple.

It is a beautiful temple with a sanctum connecting to a central hall by a vestibule lobby. The statue of Nandi is first lighted with the rays and then touches the Shivalinam feet.

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Dating back to Chola period, this temple took a major modification under the rule of Kempe Gowda The six headed crystal dome structure of Shanmukha and the Gopura will add to the beauty of this temple.

It is perhaps the only temple in South India that has such an idol. If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below.

The main festival of the temple is the Bangalore Karaga festival dedicated to Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. Image Credits — Youtube Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple Omkar Hills and Turahalli forest comes within the city where you can easily reach without having to spend long travel hours.

It is said that back then this temple was used for atonement by Gowthama, one of the great Hindu saints. Apart from the magnificent architecture, the temple of Bangalore also are places where even today, centuries old traditions and rituals are observed with much devotion and be2 dating unsubscribe link. Dedicated to lord Vishnu, the temple was built during the reign of Vijayanagar empire.

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He is reputed vedic astrologer, love psychic reader and spiritual healer in Bangalore. A grand temple, it is one of the most popular temples of lord Shiva in Bangalore. He took it to his sculptors and asked them to carve a huge statue of Ganesha from it.

This day, the day of festival Makar Sankranti, is celebrated is ways that are no less than any national festival. It is believed that the deity is one of the 32 avatars or forms of lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God.

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Another major attraction of the temple is the presence of a rare idol of Agni, the God of fire. The granite pillars at the forecourt are the main attractions of the temple. The inner sanctum of the temple is situated inside a cave carved out in the rock.

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Artistic depiction of the temple is found in the painting of the British artist James Hunter in Sugreeva Venkateshwara Temple Located on the bustling street of Balepet road Majesticthis space has two temples on the same premises.

The other two pillars have a trident trishul and a two-headed drum damrurepresenting the two significant possessions of Lord Shiva. However, in 16th century, it was restored and extended by the founder of Bangalore, Kempegowda I. The inner sanctum of the temple has a tall Shivalinga. For thousand years, astrology has been guiding people to the right path.

By Road There are local buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws that can be hired to reach the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple from any part of Bangalore. There are many legends associated with the temple and it is believed that the goddess is an incarnation of goddess Parvati.

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple Bangalore (Entry Fee, Timings, Entry Ticket Cost, Price)

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple If you want to witness the Indian rock-cut architecture in Bengaluru then you should head to this temple called Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple or Gavipuram cave temple. It is estimated that there are at least small and big temples in Bangalore and of these, many are centuries old.

In this context, let us look at some of the ancient temples in Bangalore which are known for their architecture, design, spiritual emphasis, and popularity.

Every year in the Hindu month of Kartika, a ground nut fair is held at the temple which is attended by a large number of devotees.

Sugreeva Venkateshwara Temple

Every year it attracts thousands of devotees during the astronomical phenomenon and the festival of Shivaratri. D by Venkoji, brother of Maratha King Shivaji.

Subscribe to MetroSaga and never miss an update from us. The history of this temple dates back to the time of Kempegowda. He suffered imprisonment for five years. Apart from the wonderful phenomenon, the temple also stands as a glaring example of the marvelous Indian rock-cut architecture.

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, Bangalore

This divine abode gets its name from the huge size of Ganesha Idol which is 18 feet in height and 16 feet in width. This is a wonderful sight as the event is marked by continuous ringing of the bells and chanting of mantras by the priests and devotees. The temple was built by Kempegowda who is known as the founder of Bangalore.

By Rail The railway station at Bangalore has many trains operating out of it and linking the city to all other parts of the country.

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The idol of lord Venkateshwara is housed inside the inner sanctum and is seated on a pedestal. Lord Shiva is bathed in milk which is witnessed by thousands of devotees who visit the temple to seek Lord Blessings.

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15 Popular and Old Temples in Bangalore Known for their Unparalleled Beauty

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Bengaluru being a historic city built by Kempegowda has its own history and a lore to verbalize.