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A reward system for hosts: So be sure to give your friends this piece of magic mood.


Pearl This stone is rightfully called a symbol of longevity and enduring beauty. After all it's the main symbol of Christmas and the New Year all over the world.

Fixed some bugs and optimized the work of the application, navigation has been simplified. Allows an application to record audio. Beauty Elixir The tears of beautiful fairies and woodland elves mixed with an angelic feather and infused with precious salt crystals and gold leaf.

Video quality will be set automatically and thanks to improved previews, choosing a video chat to visit will be easier. Embrace the light side: Perfume Ladies always love to receive f606 flirtymania as a gift.

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Earrings with pearls In these antique earrings, diamonds are combined with pearls gathered by hand in the Sea of Japan by young women known as 'Ama'. Garnet Since ancient times, it's been believed that the Garnet is a lovers' stone.

FlirtyMania Medal of the second degree FlirtyMania Guardsmen are awarded the Medal of the second degree for showing courage and resourcefulness in meeting people and active f606 flirtymania of their own interests in the general chat. Anyone who gives such a gift definitely cares about their second half.

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Free random video chat Video chat FlirtyMania is greeting you! Flirtymania chat supports 10 languages! Make coins with any popular broadcast. Candy cane This sweet is joy of giving and pleasure for receiving. It is worn only by women of royal blood. It's awarded to the most persistent and brave members who escaped from captivity and safely returned to service.

This stone could rekindle your beloved one's passion and affection. Lollypop Rainbow whirl can take you back right into your childhood! If you don't request this permission, you will not receive the broadcast at that time.

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Everyone needs such a friend. Broom Candy Be sure to share these sweets with your friends in the chat. Guitar True music lovers will appreciate this classic vintage electric guitar. Medal "For female courage" The highest degree of reward for women in recognition of their skillful defense and subsequent counter-offensive that resulted in the complete defeat of the forces and the hearts of opponents.

Besides, we have been working on improving the quality of our video streams - this release will already give you better image quality! Allows an application to modify global audio settings.


Present a cake to congratulate on a birthday, wedding day or any other occasion. Unlike other similar services, video chat FlirtyMania has a strict moderation system. Tired of too much attention? Allows read only access to phone state, including the phone number of the device, current cellular network information, the status of any ongoing calls, and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.

Sapphire This mineral is a sign of admiration for the innocence and purity of your friend. All those who joined us are eager to meet people on live chat no matter how they found us: Lots of awesome stickers The range of our stickers is absolutely stunning.

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In addition to design improvements and optimizations, this time the system for selling gifts has changed: Graff Pink This magnificent specimen with its rare pink diamond weighing over 24 carats is capable of melting the ice in any heart.

Thousands of users visit us every day! Luck Potion Squeezed from organic four-leaf clovers, prepared by leprechauns in pots of gold. Strength Potion Dragon breath infused with a basilisk claw, enclosed in a flask made from the encrusted bark of an ancient, magical oak tree.