Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Flirt 38 special handgun, brass fetcher ballistic testing

Another advantage the Rossi has is its grip. A few words of caution Now that we reviewed some of the best hand guns on the market, you should also consider reading some basic safety tips for both you and the gun.

Often used by special law enforcement, the GP has copious uses for each level of shooter, beginner to expert.

This gun is for the more experienced gun aficionado. Probabilities of encountering the fully-motivated fighter, previously a rarity outside of a battlefield environment facing soldiers of specialized units, no less are increasing at an unknowable rate.

It is a 6-shot revolver that has been used by the military for a couple hundred years in different variations. However, the models are all basically the same, and lack any differentiating features.

To make it easier to decide, the handguns have been placed in two categories: What type of gun seinfeld quotes about dating your best right for me?

Now this grip is a little different.

It also is made with special polymers that reduce the chance of rust. Unlike most revolvers, the GP does not expose any metal on the grip, but rather covers it up. The A1 may be a tad on the expensive side, but there is a reason gun users have been firing this weapon for over a hundred years.

Unknown to most casual gun enthusiasts, the Beretta has many variations in its make, mostly to do with caliber.

.38 Special Lyrics

This revolver has been dependable for over years, so why not take a chance on this piece of American history. The gain you get with the snub-nose is that the 38 Special cartridge is significantly more effective once it hits the target.

As with most revolvers, the GP has recoil, but can be held by almost any hand size. The best overall gun, considering all specifications and traits, must be the Ruger GP Springfield A1 The is a popular model that has been re-created by many gun makers. What caliber do you need?

Another top-rated handgun, the Beretta is perfect for those who will be concealing their weapon, or someone who wants a smaller firearm. Colt Python Created by one of, if not the most prominent gun maker out there, the Colt Python is one heck of a revolver.

Invented in the late s, it has accounted for innumerable bottles shot, bowling pins knocked over and criminals repulsed. Ruger GP Made right here in the U. And I believe that you must take every technical advantage that you can get.

The only thinking you have to know is which establishment to make your purchase at. You want to practice and get accurate prior to using any laser. The Model 60 is known for having 5 shots instead of the usual 6 in a revolver.

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The top 10 handguns have been laid out and analyzed by their most defining characteristics in order to help the customer find the right gun. The safe or case according to the situation is one of the best ways to make sure no one else has access to your gun.

Wrap Up The verdict is in. It dates back all the way to the first World War, if you can believe that. If a semi-automatic firearm is more your style than a revolver, then the Springfield A1 is the right handgun to own.

.38 Special

How big is the gun? The Rossi can be found new, but is at a greatly reduced price if found used. In our constitution, it states all Americans can bear arms, if they so please. If you have more than one type of gun, a universal cleaning kit is your best bet.

Army, as the pistol was standard issue for a time.

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It was so popular in the hands of United States law enforcement that it continued service as a primary weapon until the s and continues on today in the hands of law enforcement and private security throughout the developing world.

These simple checks could save lives. The Model 10 is one of the most popular revolvers worldwide, and people have tried to duplicate it. Considered a snub-nose, the Model 60 handles like a larger revolver would. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to guns so how do you protect your family and friends from your gun?

At the end of the day, any gun from this top handgun list is an effective weapon, and will take care of your needs. Assorted Handgun Cartridges They can also be the person who sees your life as having little to no value—and perpetrating physical violence upon you as a form of entertainment for them.

The GP comes in a 6-shot or 7-shot version, however, the 7-shot is hard to find for the average consumer. Revolvers were standard use long ago by police and military alike, but due to the ever-changing market, semi-autos have taken the place of revolvers in police stations around the world.

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Let's just go over a couple of these items. We have a great article with reviews and best gun cleaning kits in the market that you should read. Made right here in the United States, the Colt Python is a.

It's a -- keep it simple. Semi-autos are also known for their conceal ability and durability, as well as their accuracy.