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A motorcycle ride may seem so appropos.

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In your heart, love equals ownership. Venus in Pisces can confuse sex with love and expect impossible ideals from romance. This lifetime is therefore about 40 plus dating australia free much different choices. Dreams and fantasies are Piscean territory.

Feelings flirtende vrouwen uit be genuine and if hurt in love having Venus in Cancer is likely to shield you from opening your heart for quite some time.

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You may fall in love with someone who another sign would quickly discard. Your ability to compromise is one of your strengths in love and you tend to attract others easily through a pronounced physical beauty.

You most easily express love by being of service to your lover and taking care of all those details in life.

Internet chat rooms may also suit your style of flirting with written communcations.

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The person with Venus in Sagittarius is seeking to form relationships that are based on the basic pure pagan delight think Pan and faith of love. They can make loving them a very cold experience.

They seek these attributes in a love partner. You may seem like a spiritual guide to someone; or you may see your salvation in the one you desire.

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You want to be valued as clever and bright and your endlessly stimulating conversation is sure to be one of your most attractive assets. Cancer is the most domestic sign of love. Venus in Gemini wants a relationship that flirtende vrouwen uit open-minded, intellectual, mentally stimulating and full of activity.

You act affectionate and friendly; and make your admirer feel worthy of your attention. You seem self-reliant, and you appreciate self-assurance in those you choose to flirt with.

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You show an appetite for variety, new ideas, and new experiences. They play the field but can be loyal once they find the right person.

Any forced commitment or overbearing lover is likely to send you running for the hills. You love to be chased, to elude, then let yourself be caught. If you are in public and heart or make fun of her she may put you through a dramatic vignette you will never, ever forget.

Licking and pawing should be stifled until you are sure it will be appreciated. Capricorn the Sea Goat is a sign that values commitment, stability, age and sagaciousness — the wisdom that comes with age.

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You love all sensual pleasures, such as food, drink, art, music, perfumes, fondling, or sex; and you show it and want to share it. Subtle is not your style. You play the part of philosopher or clown. It is sweet to sacrifice your self-interest, but self-destructive to sacrifice your self-respect.

Romancing someone to get sex is not exactly their cup of tea. But the shadow side of Venus in Virgo comes from the karmic fear of being stuck in a dead-end, intellectually oppressive, stunted relationship. You seem down-to-earth, reliable, realistic, or pragmatic.

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You may act haughty or hard-to-please. You make your interest or intentions known, and are rarely subtle or shy about it. Venus in Sagittarius will need a sense of humor in love and may tire easily if romance or sex becomes too predictable.

Venus in Leo uses drama, creativity, flair, and grand gestures to attract love — just as it is attracted to those who use those techniques.

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Venus in Aquarius indicates that in a prior lifetime the person experienced some sort of sexual abuse or misuse, most likely forcibly locked into sexual unions against their free will. Nothing less than the complete package is acceptable to a person with Venus in Libra.

Taurus loves everything that is stimulating to the senses so you are the typical Venus sign that enjoys being wined and dined in the most romantic settings.

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Physical security by knowing your partner is sexually loyal will be crucial. You seem intriguing, elusive, even enigmatic.

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Flirting is a game, and you play to win. Meanwhile the Venus in Aries person will have given their heart, their love, their all. You love a challenge and play the game with gusto.

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They may not last, but they can be fun initially in the eyes of The Centaur. Perfumes or colognes, glamorous clothes, or creative cosmetics might add to your alluring air. Sharing food may be a form of flirtation. If Venus is in the sign Scorpio then you have an intense need to love with more physical and emotional depth and commitment than perhaps any other sign.

You get others involved in banter, discussion, or debate. You are also very loyal to those you care for. In fact, the more you want them, the more you may act like they are free to leave.