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But I digress, the film is designed from beginning to end to be a complete cheesefest. I believe that this is the biggest flaw in the film. While I'm only giving this 2 stars, I think that the people behind the flirterz the sand 24ur were completely satisfied with the picture they made.

I can't fault them for that. Overacted and corny lines, that's the order of the day. It doesn't lend itself to 80 minutes. But, I digress, those crappy horror movies have created an appreciation in me for entertaining shitty horror movies.

At least bloody and gory ones, she likes ghost stories. One of my favorite things each time I went to Blockbuster Video was renting a crappy horror movie so we could, at least, have a good laugh. This is the problems I have had with the Sharknado franchise.

Only plus is some pretty good looking women in bikinis in the lead roles, which obviously was the only requirement for the parts. It is a movie that is very self-aware of its own badness. It's like Stephen King ran out of ideas and then he just chose something random. You can even feel them trying to stretch things out.

It's actually a LOT funnier now that I really think about it. I will say, however, that as short as this film is, I think the concept, realistically speaking, lends itself better to a short movie or a minute episode of an anthology horror series. You may dislike it, but I still enjoyed myself watching this even if I wouldn't go so far as to call it a good movie.

Some of my fondest memories from my youth have been watching movies with my mother and my aunt. But, yes, if you how to hook up netflix to vizio smart tv to watch something that's a little cheesy and entertaining, then you should give this a shot.

My mom hardly ever enjoyed any of the movies she took me to see, but she took me to see them anyway because she loved me. Look there's nothing that bothers me more than a purposely shitty movie. Having said all of that, I've loved movies since my youth, my favorite genre would certainly have to be horror movies, as if that wasn't obvious already in my Flixster reviews.

They're made by people who, truly, earnestly believe that they're making a quality movie.

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I guess the joke is lessened when you realize that the touching the sand will literally kill you, but I would have loved the movie to have just been a bunch of hungover or drugged out people believing that there's something in the sand that would kill them.

I suppose it's weird to say that you shouldn't be ambitious when trying to make a horror movie, but there's also nothing wrong for you to look at your film and just say that 'you know what, this isn't a great movie, so let's ramp up the B-movie thrills'.

This can be a fun time if you know not to take it too seriously. Jamie Kennedy's appearance which, while having some funny lines, also went way too long.

It's like they're in on the joke and that takes away from some of the entertainment factor of those films. Well me and my aunt at least, since my mother hates horror movies. The comedy comes in the fact of its own lack of self-awareness.

The truly "best" shitty movies are made in earnest. If you're self-aware enough to make a purposely shitty movie, then why not actually put in the effort to make a legitimately good movie, right?

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Like, I mean, look at the concept. That would've been a great twist and it would actually make sense. I also remember, since there was a Blockbuster Video right across where I went to school, going there and renting 8 movies at one time yes, really to watch during the weekends.

Ah, well, they missed that chance. I'm sure there were certain weeks when we didn't go when I, instead, went to spend the weekend at my great-grandmother's housebut it was one of the few constants in my life and I loved it. And, when you look at the film that way, it's actually even funnier.

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You really cannot go into this movie expecting to see the next generation of horror greatness. Doctor Strangeblog Super Reviewer You know, I've been on this earth for almost 30 years and I've been watching movies for many of those years. No suspense, no scares, everything is terrible, particularly the acting, two-dollar CGI, and incredibly lame string creature.

I've always been of the opinion that we need unpretentious films that know that their place in life is to be cheesefests that we watch and completely forget about within a month.

But almost every Saturday for the first 13 years of my life or until my grandpa passed awaymy mom took me to this cinema in the then largest mall in our island, Plaza Las Americas.

The pacing could have been better and the film would have flowed better. I can't complain about a film being the way it was intended to be. Like the whole scene with Ronnie trying to get the phones out of the trunk without actually touching the sand went way too fucking long for my tastes.

This is a movie featuring a bunch of somethings playing the sand is lava. This brings us to this film, which I, in spite of its flaws, I enjoyed my time with. Well I will say this about this movie. This was after I turned 13, naturally. This isn't that movie. And, quite frankly, it is.

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Hey, fuckers, I was 12 and I didn't know any better. I can't say that the acting or the dialogue was its biggest flaws, since both were meant to be that way. I guess you could the same thing about its length, but I don't think that's up for debate here.