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On the positive side, you can exercise personal discretion and choose not to see it. That's basically the only thing you can say about Flirting Scholar 2 -- that it's not anything worth mentioning, and will only amuse in that "hey, I'm bored, look what's on TV" kind of way.

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You know you love it. The trick shocks are topped off with groovy-looking blue-anodized camber plates. However, along the way they make enemies of the audience too. Richie Jen fares okay in a secondary role, while mainland actor Zhou Libo proves more amusing as the fourth scholar.

So what went wrong?

Flirting Scholar

The 1LE moniker is Camaro shorthand flirting scholar 2 2018 camaro tracked-up versions that can stop and turn better, though there's no increase in power. Rumor has it that several years back, Camaro approached Michelin for tires to slap on the sixth-gen car.

Just avoid potholes like the plague. Or did they turn out in droves because it happened to star some guy named Stephen Chow?

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For starters, the first half of Flirting Scholar 2 is an absolute chore, possessing the same amount of laughs as you'd find at a triad funeral. There are no rubber bushings!

If there's a problem with the ZL1, it's lard.

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As a result of the decision to hard-mount the dampers to the car—and this is me being charitable—ride quality is not great. I think that fact right there is reason enough to buy this car.

That said, the gluey Goodyear 3Rs never quit.

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More clean air is good not just for cooling things off but for aero, too. This thing is an uncaged race car.

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The sticker is an insult to the team that built the car, as well as to the car itself. Can you live with the car as a daily driver?

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You might be thinking, "When will you ever use that? So late, so little.

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Thanks to the miracle of iPhone Notes and voice to text, here are my thoughts moments after I drove the car for the first time: As such, the Camaro team knows that track rats love nothing more than being able to make adjustments to their toys.

There are three variables you can tweak on the ZL1 1LE.

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Michelin turned their nose up and said, "Non. See all photos Meet the car that crushed it: Huang Xiaoming covers the same range, but he's not the one the audience is following. Because the speed tranny is supposed to be the quickest way around a racetrack, it's curious that it's not offered.

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You're suddenly driving a hard-mounted race car. Even if you don't care about downforce at driver's-license-shredding speeds, you have to applaud the ZL1 1LE's menacing berholprestige, a German phrase that translates to, "I'd better let the beast in my rearview mirror pass!

See all photos The good stuff is vast and varied. My guess as to why is because of weight concerns.

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So much power, so much control, so much stopping ability. The new tires are so sticky you can't do burnouts, which stinks because the normal ZL1 is the greatest burnout machine on planet Earth.

Flirting Scholar 2 (唐伯虎點秋香2之四大才子) ()

By removing those DRLs and redoing the grille, the Camaro team was able to increase the amount of airflow into several of the 11 radiators aboard the ZL1.

After that first extra-special lap, performance falls off. This created an opportunity for Goodyear, one that it pounced on.