Cute Goodnight Texts to a Crush - Love Text Messages Cute Goodnight Texts to a Crush - Love Text Messages

Flirty goodnight text for boyfriend, about claudia cox

Make them excited to see you.

Goodnight Messages for Her

Loving you is just so right. Should I say goodnight to you only? Have a wonderful night. My pillow and bedsheet still smells of you. Let the moon make this night serene for you. Every day I love you more than yesterday.

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I can not stop thinking about you. Want to send a really romantic love quote to her or him, or update your Facebook or WhatsApp status with a love message?

My nights are almost the same, daily, because I spend it thinking about you every second of it. But no one else knows that flirty goodnight text for boyfriend world has stopped.

Sending hugs and kisses to the man who makes my life feel like a bed of roses. If there is anything that moves my vigour from action, and inaction at a spot.

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Sexy Good morning message for cute girlfriend Goodnight to the most amazing woman in the world. I find you to be the spice of my life, like stars in the soup of space, you beautify me.

Love is found in you in large and pure quantities. Good Night to the boy that gives me sweet dreams and makes all my dreams come true. Every single thought the entire day keeps crawling back to you.

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There is none other. Your cute and baby looking face is joy-inducing on its own. And I love you very much! You can not think how much I love you. Good night my precious jewel!

Goodnight Quotes for Him, Sweet Dream Messages for Boyfriend

May your night be filled with passionate dreams inspired by my love for you. Now, before I say goodnight; let me let you know that I am a captive to the way your gazes controls my mind.

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Can I come to your place right now and just sit by your window? It's the reason my heart beats well whether I am asleep or awake.

Goodnight Love Messages for Girlfriend

Your kisses give me a new meaning to life. Sweet dreams to the man whose love has me bursting at the seams. Good Night my dear.

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Dreams with you in it are beautiful. On this auspicious night, I wish to bid you goodnight and sweet dreams, my love. Hope your night is as good as it can be. Maybe it is because I carry a full grown man with me everywhere I go, but I am not complaining because in my heart is where you are meant to be.

And I found it with you, underneath the stars. Send your partner a special photo, either of yourself, or of something soft and pleasing such as cute animals, a beautiful sunset, a deserted beach.


I can't wait to see you soon. Princess, do you know you are the one that stands out among the rest? I have never felt so lonely my entire life until you. I have made many mistakes in life.

I wish I am now in your warm arms, feeling your smell. To this cute friend of mine, I wish you a splendid night ahead. You brightened up my life with just one look my way and now it is so hard to bear all this darkness I am surrounded with.

This night has found us separated, but no matter how far away your body is, nobody can stop our souls from being united in our dreams. Your love envelopes me like the night sky envelopes the stars.