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Have Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin set a wedding date? Georgia-born Patrick is the only actual Southerner in the main cast, which also includes British actress Joely Richardson as Jade's mom and Australian up-and-comer Rhys Wakefield as Jade's brother.

Scott Stuber and Fake Empire are producing the pic, to be directed by Shana Feste

Canadian actor Greenwood Star Trek Into Darkness lends menace as Jade's strict father, a successful surgeon who really wants his daughter to follow in his medical footsteps.

He should have blonde his natural hair colour tussled locks.

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Jade's overbearing father Bruce Greenwoodhaving suffered the loss of a son, wants to keep her away from David, but the long-sheltered good girl is simply too smitten. He was obsessed with the family and then with Jade.

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Seems to have no resemblance to the original novel or the movie and they are both seem to be completely charisma free. What do critics think of Endless Love? Filming in the Peach State: Jade turns down an out-of-town internship to spend all summer with her new boyfriend, but then Dad digs up dirt from David's past to drive a wedge between the lovers.

Now seeing the trailer I see what he means.

Alex Pettyfer

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Fercat Could be serviceable but I agree for the most part. Alex Pettyfer is seriously gorgeous.

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Young rich girl falls in love with an outcast and her parents hate it. David was an equal.

Review: ‘Endless Love’ Starring Alex Pettyfer & Gabriella Wilde

The author wasn't involved in the project, having signed away the movie rights and remake rights in Been there done that. The production set up shop in Georgia to take advantage of the elegant Dixie charm as well as some grittier urban areas.

They filmed on location in Atlanta for 34 of their 37 shooting days, from May to Julywhen the steamy city really becomes "Hotlanta.

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He lost them one by one and when they asked to stop seeing Jade for just three months he lost it and without meaning to systematically destroyed her entire world and family and his own future.

Robert Patrick the T from Terminator 2!

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This latest iteration makes numerous changes, including setting the story in Georgia instead of Chicago and throwing water on the obsessive protagonist's arsonist tendencies this hotheaded David only uses his fists. As part of their rehearsal and bonding process, the two attractive actors spent time together off the set and did fun exercises, like dancing and rocking out to loud music.

Were talking about paper books vs actual movies. Don't say "Be mine" to Love until you first flirt with these five facts: Alex is a hottie but he has gained some weight, he looks on this movie.

Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde Find ‘Love’ at Universal (EXCLUSIVE)

This common interest will help make dating easier, more effective, and more successful. Alex and Gabriella are amazing. Angelique That movie seems really boring. Jennay this looks like every other romantic movie ever made.

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To turn that kind of love story into a rich girl, poor boy, evil Dad is unbelievable! The new film also targets the teen demographic by toning down the action for a PG rating.

Pettyfer Magic Mike and Wilde Carrie are both British-born somethings playing American teenagers, though at one point, Pettyfer's character uses a "fake" English accent while making a prank call. Just watching the trailer made me sleepy.

Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer pose in double denim for V magazine | Daily Mail Online

And so is Gabriella. Gabriella Wilde plays Jade, a pretty, privileged high school grad who falls for a charismatic, working-class guy, David Alex Pettyfer.

Did they intentionally try to make Alex Pettyfer look bad in this film?