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Press Play to listen to the examples. You also have access to namespace information, the ability to make simple edits to the XML, and even the ability to "import" into a DOM object, for much more powerful manipulation.

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Es una casa antigua de color verde Where do you live? Considering this, getting to places jenna moonlight dating sim walkthrough all about asking the locals, reading signs or finding examples of addresses as used in the area.

For instance, any elements or attributes in a namespace will simply be discarded, and any text content will be discarded if an element also has children or attributes.

Most simply, because the whole point of SimpleXML is to be easier to use and more powerful than a plain array. All of these things will be covered with more details in the rest of the lesson.

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I'd like to explain why this is a bad idea. In some Latin American countries addresses can be very messy. Saying your address in Spanish, whether it is your house or email address may be a little tricky sometimes and the way to do it may vary from one country to another.

One of the reasons is that some countries in Latin America lack the correct city planning to name streets or assign numbers to all the houses. Sometimes, this won't matter, but if you get in the habit of converting everything to arrays, it's going to sting you eventually. Examples of ways of saying house addresses in Spanish Here are several audio examples using the ways to ask and say an address in Spanish explained above.

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In the picture below you can see three major points in this lesson: For this purpose, we can use two questions: Notice in the last two examples that perhaps the easiest way to say an address would be by using a place as reference and describing the place you want to get to.

The first question requires a specific house address in Spanish to get to the place, whereas the second one requires just a little bit of information like the name of the neighborhood, the street, the city or even the country depending on the context of the conversation.

All of this is lost by turning the object into an array rather than reading understanding the examples on this page. Additionally, because it is not designed for this purpose, the conversion to JSON and back will actually lose information in some situations.

Of course, you could write a smarter conversion, which didn't have these limitations, but at that point, you are getting no value out of SimpleXML at all, and should just use the lower level XML Parser functions, or the XMLReader class, to create your structure.

Here are some examples about ways to ask and say your email address in Spanish.

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My email is ejemplo yahoo. You still won't have the extra convenience functionality of SimpleXML, but that's your loss. It is a green, old house.