First Flirt3 for GySEV presented - Railway Gazette First Flirt3 for GySEV presented - Railway Gazette

Gysev flirt msts routes, innotrans 2018: stadler to present seven innovations

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If you've installed the North-Eastern route v1. Two hundred miles of beautifully laid track work rolling through South Australia.

Mike has modified the route to remove copyrighted images and well-known SAR route-builder Allan Lownsborough has given the route a once-over, adjusting track and terrain to add that final polish gysev flirt msts routes the route.

Posted on Monday 1 December Read more 28 December New South Wales - Northern Illawarra Route v2 Released Well, Christmas is over and you've opened all your presents; in the interests of family harmony minetoday's release was held over till now as kiefer ravena and mika reyes dating divas route is so engrossing you are likely to lose track of time.

GYSEV Stadler Flirt 415 501 - Gyor

Sydney suburban goods lines are included as well. Other work includes about seven miles of the famed Moss Vale line which veered away from the Main Illawarra at Unanderra, and clawed its way over the Illawarra Escarpment in a series of long sharp curves on a fierce, but constant, grade of 1 in Links to the rolling stock required are in the readme.

Your Christmas present this morning proves that you don't need big presents to really enjoy Christmas. Note also that while the Railpage server is down, steam4me is mirroring four James Brook's files: This magnificent NSW coal-fields route is a must-download. In addition, the route is one of the first in the world to be equipped with Wayne Campbell's Hidewire technology - an MSTS modelling technique that makes wire disappear over non-electrified parts of the route.

First Flirt3 for GySEV presented

Activities written for v1. Manufacturers could apply until June, the winner of the procurement was Stadler Consortium formed by Stadler Polska Sp. You will marvel at the smooth trackwork, imperceptible changes of grade, realistic trackside foliage, trees and scenery.

Do read the PDF on installation as you will need some rolling stock to run the default activity.

Routes in Victoria

There are new tracks, improved yards and access and many additional scenic items - Brian Bere-Streeter has performed a "makeover" on this popular route. The route includes the giant AIS Port Kembla integrated steelworks complete with 'private' steelworks lines enabling the user to simulate most of the steelworks traffic, including coal traffic, coke traffic, hot metal traffic, slag traffic, hot ingot traffic, and steel slabs and shapes traffic.

The installer has been upgraded to "steam4me quality", which will make for simple installation. This is taken only as far as the Illawarra Range Tunnel No. Extending from Serviceton in Victoria to Adelaide and beyond to Gawler in the north, from Mount Gambier in the south-east to Outer Harbour, from branches such as Victor Harbour, Mount Pleasant and Willunga to Adelaide, this is an incredibly detailed and polished route.

The default Japanese catenary installed with earlier versions has been replaced with Martin Bennet's VR catenary and masts, improving the appearance of the suburban trackage enormously.

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Russell Beer's Northern Main Gisborne to Bendigo is now at version 2 and is available for download at its own page see links at left. And better than ever!


Activities packaged with the route will give you a taste of the once-great SAR. You will delight in running trains both up and downgrade on this short, but challenging piece of railway infrastructure.

The new vehicles for Gysev already meet the requirements of the newest TSI technical specification for interoperability standards of the European Railway Agency, and also suit the latest Crash EN collision norms, providing more safety to the loc driver.

The first vehicles are expected to start service in in Western Hungary. Stadler has already sold more than units in a total of 17 countries worldwide.

Msts flirt crash - CP - Fun & Music Videos

Budding route-builders could benefit from examining this route and seeing that big is not necessarily better. The possibility of double or triple traction operation brings significant economic benefits to GYSEV. The new generation FLIRTs also feature spacious, multifunctional boarding areas that enable rapid passenger exchange.

It's brought some old-time ex-SAR drivers to tears with its superb quality.

[HU] GYSEV orders 10 new generation FLIRT3 trains from Stadler – Railcolor

The route is packaged both as a single-data-file installer best suited to broadband users as well as a multi-part installer perhaps better suited for dial-up. Click on "Read More" to go to his site.

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I can now report that all routes that were up prior to the Railpage server debacle are now back up on this site. This is an excellent piece of work - I thoroughly recommend it to you. The wire height has been set at 5.

MSTS Routes file structure

According to the delivery contract, the first train will be delivered in March while the last one is due to arrive until January Just received great news that Coals to Newcastle is back online: It's been upgraded to v1. The new vehicles are 2. Due to the latest investments, not only the carbodies but also the bogies can completely be produced in Hungary.

Yes, Brian Bere-Streeter has been working hard on his "Northern Illawarra" route and this new version v2 now covers all the way from Coniston just south of Wollongong to Sydney Central station.

Live periscope streams

The long-awaited upgrade of the Central West route is now available for download. FLIRT is the most successful product of Stadler; the members of the vehicle family can be deployed on regional, commuter or intercity lines too. Only 16km in length, the real Tumulla Bank tested the skills of the great steam drivers of the 50s and early 60s.

Mike's route was one of the first for MSTS and has been much sought-after while it's been away.