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Although initially frustrated and disinterested in continuing his relationship hakeem and jamal dating real life his bisexual girlfriend, Hakeem decides to pretend that he and Tiana are a couple because Lucious and Cookie believe that the two will sell better together as an act than apart.

‘Empire’ Showrunner Reveals There Will Be a Wedding & Marriage This Season

Once Lucious gives the company to Jamal, Andre the problem with dating bruna Hakeem plot to overthrow him. The three brothers then put their heads together as Mirage a Trois begins to perform.

Cookie wonders if that is legal, but Hakeem adds that he doesn't care. At the rehearsal Hakeem and Jamal argue about the how each other are performing, then Cookie tells them how hard Andre is working, trying to bring big time investors to Empire, for Lucious, and that she wanted them to come together, so it will benefit them both.

Much like his father, Hakeem is "moved by talent" and "he really is a mogul in a way that neither of his brothers are. Hakeem has come a very long way. So that's his main flaw.

Lucious storms in after him, furious, and orders the girls to get out.

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Hakeem tells them that he is an equal partner in Lyon Dynasty, and therefore any negotiations also go through to him. Hakeem is furious when Lucious buys the radio station to keep Lyon Dynasty off the air and signs Valentina to Empire. The beat is pretty tight on this track, but the rhymes are a stretch: Andre is all sweaty and looks scary.

To present a united front in public, Jamal and Hakeem team up to do a video shoot for "Ain't About The Money" during which Lucious tries to lure him back to Empire. Daniels flew Gray to L. The setting has potential, and the song has a fine melody.

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He doesn't have any redeemable qualities to speak of While the family revels in his health concerns, Andre continues to focus on the IPO, leading to an altercation with Hakeem. After Hakeem is freed he acts much different and even blames his family for being kidnapped.

He quickly tells Cookie and Hakeem that they shouldn't be surprised, since they know all about him. Sports Fantasy March Madness.

Cookie's return only reminds Hakeem of how "very hurt" he is.

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Hakeem From Empire Hakeem looks bothered. He tells them that he doesn't hate women, only the ones that did him wrong, referring to Cookie and Tiana.

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Jamal tells him that Hakeem is family, and tells him to remain at Empire. Ryan Morgan, the Filmmaker These two were doomed from the start, since Ryan Morgan Eka Darville met Jamal when the singer was still trying to play straight for the public.

Later Lucious meets with Travie who tells him that labels are old and dying and he can release direct on the internet for more money.

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The brothers then get into a fight and Hakeem walks off set. Online reported that Hakeem would pursue talented singer Laura, "professionally and personally" throughout season 2.

The only thing Jamal is concerned about, though, is Hakeem's treatment of Cookie and he lets his little brother know that he's not going to stand for that type of disrespect anymore.

We put the three side by side; now you tell us who you'd choose. His party-behavior continues throughout the episode. With Hakeem's persuasion, she performs "Yo Vivre" and wows the crowd that surrounds her. Is Lucious' Memory Loss Real? That's what you see in Hakeem.

Lucious asks Hakeem if he can get to know his mama better. Hakeem records his own message to Freda, challenging her to a rap battle to fight for the Lyon name. University of Chicago, pp. Laz tells Cookie that Hakeem's challenge is trending online.

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Hakeem says no and Cookie smacks his head. Michael Rafael de la FuenteJamal's live-in boyfriend from Season 1, was sensitive, supportive and sexy: Hakeem voted to have his father removed from his position as CEO of Empire Entertainment but Lucious is not the type to go down without a fight.

Empire co-creator Lee Daniels has talked at length about Jamal being a way to appease what he called homophobic black audiences, and it worked.

Hakeem And Jamal Dating Each Other

Hakeem is in his bathtub with Valentina, where she tells him that she would be in his girl group if it was at Empire, since Empire is hip hop legendary. On to the next. Lucious pays the doctor and sends him on his way, but Hakeem lashes out at his father, claiming that they pretend to be a white pickett family when in reality, they're the opposite.

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Then Lucious walks in and says "Hakeem listen to your mother, very wise woman", then later Hakeem finds out Jamal's going to be a daddy, because Olivia left Lola in an elevator. But guess what Jamal? However, Lucious plans to rev up Hakeem's music career, requesting that he performs songs that he wrote for Hakeem.

He knows he's rich, wealthy, handsome, stylish and everything revolves around him, However he is appears to be quite good-hearted and have his heart in the right place.