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This is usually achieved by simply unscrewing the czekista online dating cap on the front of the central hinge and then attaching a tripod adapter to this point, but there are other types hookupz smartphone adapter called tripod adapters should your binoculars not have this.

Carson HookUpz 0 Smartphone Optics Adapter

But with the growth in use of smart phones and the improvement in quality of their built hookupz smartphone adapter called cameras, smartphone optics adapters have become more and more popular and there is now cabelo perfeito yahoo dating wide range to choose from.

Perhaps the amount of protection is a little over the top, but it looks fantastic and rather have too much than too little. Tripod Whilst not essential with lower powered 8x and lower binoculars, I would highly recommend that if possible you have a stable base from which to take photos with.

This is fine, but using the digital zoom does reduce the quality of the photos that you will take, which you can see on my sample photos below.

Carson HookUpz Universal - IS Smart Phone Optics Adapter Review

However many only work with the iPhone and on only some scopes and binoculars. I love the semirigid carry case that it comes in, but what would have made it even better is if they had designed it so that you could store the adapter in it with your phone still fixed onto it.

And when all this is done you can take a picture. Also, as stated in the manual, use a form of remote release. Carry Case Upon opening this box you are then presented with the excellent quality semi-rigid carry case, which to me looks like it is made from a Neoprene type of material.

You can please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. I still had to use some zoom, but think this one was only about 2x and as you can see the quality is far better than those where a higher digital zoom is used.

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My first attempts were terrible, basically the photos were completely over exposed, but by changing the exposure settings on the camera app, I hookupz smartphone adapter called able to get some reasonable shots.

Whilst these both worked and I was able to take photos with the phone, the level of grip on the phone was reduced and so I had to be a little more careful than I would have liked.

To use this, mount the binoculars on a tripod and focus it sharply on what to photograph. I think they designed this spacer for Telescope eyepieces, but as I say works perfectly on the bins I tested the Universal with and mean that I could use far less digital zoom and thus get better quality images.

So to see if they have managed to maintain this trend, I managed to get my hands on the Carson HookUpz Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter and below you can read my full review: It will also not work with rifle scopes or optics with really stubby eye-pieces, like some night vision devices.

Carson Optical IC-918 HookUpz Smartphone Telephoto Lens, Adapter and Tripod

However keep in mind that by doing this, it also means that you have to be more careful and ensure that the phone is perfectly lined up with the eye piece as there is less room for error. I could use the headphones and touch the check on this to take pictures.

This does make it much easier to get your camera to look down through your optics, but it also means that the dark ring around the edges is quite large and you have to use quite a lot of the digital zoom on your phone to counter this.

So this is NOT for spontaneous photography, but works for example, excellent if you have a birdboard where you want to take pictures of visitors. Sure there are some that are designed for a specific phone that may be less bulky, indeed Carson make some themselves.

Carson HookUpz 0 Smartphone Adapter for Telescopes

For those who are interested and as you can see in many of the photos on this page, I used the same tripod that I currently use for all my photography and spotting scope reviews — the Vanguard ABEO Pro CGH Tripod and instead of using a standard pan handle or ball head, I prefer to use a pistol grip like the Vanguard GHT or GH that is far more intuitive and thus makes it quicker to aim your optics.

Take a look at the links below to current prices as well as to compare them with others: To correct this problem, I found that with a little experimentation that it was better to try and get the camera closer to the correct eye-relief of the binocular, scope or whatever optic you are using. On the left is how it looks without using any digital zoom on the camera, whilst the one on the right is zoomed in to between 3x and 4x.

Using the Carson Universal Optics Adapter I found that once I had adjusted my phone to correctly fit the adapter, using it was really simple and not much more difficult that simply using the phone by itself.

Then zoom in your mobile camera so you do not get the black edges of the binocular eyepiece. First I lined up the phone so that it was in the correct position and then marked where the button was coming into contact with the grip Next, I unscrewed the clamp from the horizontal arm Then I simply cut away the silicone where the button would be.

Dette fordi man ikke kan se i kikkerten mens dingsen er montert. Whilst this narrow width was not a problem, height wise, the phone was just a little too short to properly fit into the cradle. Size As with almost all photography, but especially when using powerful telephoto lenses which is what you are effectively doing herecapturing and delivering as much light as possible to the camera is very important.

Conclusion I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Carson Universal Optics Adapter for both digiscoping and digibinning with your phone. As I said, for most standard sized phones this will not be a problem, but all I did was add a spacer, firstly I just used paper and then later progressed to some tin foil, but found some that I was still able to lodge it in there really well.

The external black sleeve has a nice silky sheen to it and the graphics look great, this then protects a really classy and protective internal white box that opens like a book and has the words "Designed by Carson in New York" tastefully placed on the front cover.

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By positioning the camera better using the included spacer and thus getting the camera closer to the correct eye-relief of the binocular, I was able to use less digital zoom to get the full picture without any of the black rings on the edges.

Popular Guides Carson Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter Review Article Posted by Best Binocular Reviews It was not that long ago that you really had to search quite hard, or possibly even make your own contraption in order to attach a camera to take photos or video through your binoculars digibinning or your spotting scope digiscoping.

The only thing you see is the picture on a mobile camera and it's auto focus while trying to sharpen the binoculars. Show in the original language Show translated review What is this?

The best way of achieving this is of course by using a tripod. Articles Where to Buy Need Advice? For me it would also have been nice if Carson had supplied it with a few extra strips of the Silicone pads, that way for those like myself who have short phones, building up the Bottom Phone Clamp would have been easier — but this is really just being picky!

About This Item

The overall build quality of the Universal is very good and the quality of the carry case and other packaging is also very high and well above what I was expecting. Once again and on my first few tests I just quickly created a buffer to stop this from happening.

Good results depend on good binoculars and careful focus setting, but do not know if you can expect "super sharp" images. Right from the moment I opened the external courier packaging and came across the main Carson box I was impressed.

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Obviously this has nothing to do with the adapter, but thought it would be of interest. It is for example It's not possible easy to move the binoculars to a new location, sharpen and take a picture while the phone is attached. There would be many ways of doing this, but I just used a piece of paper and then the dust cap from the binoculars that I had already removed from them so I could attach them to the tripod.

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Possible if you do a lot to get it done The photo on the left is of the chimney and areal of a nearby house. The main strength of the Universal is the fact that you can take almost any phone and attach it almost any optic — enough said there.

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With some, like my smaller phone I was able to adapt and make it work, but I bet there will also be some where this is not possible. The phone I used for the review was a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which has height and width dimensions of 12cm x 6. This because you can not see the binoculars while the dings are mounted.

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I got up early to take some photos of the moon. But for me this little extra bulk was not really a problem at all and anyway the comfort in knowing I can still use this adapter when I upgrade my phone and not have to get a new adapter as well, more than makes up for this.

So whilst you can use a small compact binocular, the results you get will most likely be compromised.

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The convenience of it is a true strength. This ease of use means that you can just carry the adapter with you whenever you are out in the field and as long as you also have your phone which most people will these daysif something crops up unexpectedly that you would like to record, you can.

So whilst it is not really a weakness as such, I just think it is something to keep in mind. The full instruction booklet is pretty comprehensive and contains very clear instructions as well as diagrams on how to insert and align your phone, attach it to your optics, troubleshooting, useful tips, hints, specifications and customer service details.