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Also the mortality percentage is less in this breed the average mortality percentage which is being seen is 5. This breed is raised for the meat and milk production as well. Growth rate would be rapid when the true concentrate percentage in fodder is supplied.

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Review full breed profile of the Jamunapari goat in the table below. Triplets and quadruplets are common in this goat breed.

Jamnapari Goats

The daily milk yield is about 1. Although less than goats of the total were thought to be purebred. And in Indonesia, the breed has been a great success.

Housing Jamunapari goats are generally kept under extensive method.

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Jamunapari breed is also called as dairy goat breed. Snail Jamunapari Goat Breed Information Jamunapari goat is a very beautiful dairy goat breed which was originated from India.

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An adult male goat weights about kg and an adult female goat weights about kg. Read more information about the Jamunapari goat breed below. Give a special diet to the pregnant and show goat consisting of barley, jowar sorghum bicolorbajra pennisetum americanum and dating simulator walkthrough video for epic mickey wheat whole or in the form of a gruel.

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Also ensure sufficient supply of fresh and clean water regularly. Body resistance to fight with disease is good. It has also played a very important role for creating some other breeds.

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First kidding at the age of 23 months and inter-kidding interval is about 11 months. Has a pair of small sized horns which are curved to backwards. Their average age of first conception is 18 months. Jamunapari goats are generally large animals with curved nose similar to parrot mouth appearance also know as Roman nose.

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Appearance of Jamnapari Goat: Love to graze in the open field. Click image to learn more. They are one of the giant goat breeds with a pair of very long ear.

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Jamunapari goats usually considerd as an adult at the age of 12 month and gain the weight of The milk yielding ability is very good in this breed. Both male and female have horns this breed can attain the maximum weight of kg and the doe of 90kg.

Jamunapari Goat Breed Information

The breed is very suitable for commercial dairy goat farming business. Jamunapari goat starts its first kidding generally at the age of 24month that is 2 year and the kidding interval is usually months.

Physical Characteristics Of Jamunapari Goat The body of this goat is comparatively long sized than other goats. A profitable breed for meat and milk production Jamunapari goat breed is the native goat breed of Etawa district of Uttar Pradesh.

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Top executives from the agricultural and animal husbandry department have acknowledged that Coastal Goat Farm has revolutionized the goat farming industry and has provided invaluable support for rural development. But for commercial production of Jamunapari goat, they need a good housing.

For example, the Jamunapari goat is one of the ancestors of the American Nubian goats. The tail of Jamunapari goat is short and typically curved upward. They are of white, black, yellow, brown or various mixed colored.

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They become highly meat and milk productive and also very suitable for show. Usually jamnapari adult male goat weigh in between kg and female adult weight is between kg.

Although they love grazing they also needs some extra nutritious food too. The milk of Jamunapari goat is very tasty and healthy. According to the census, there were an estimated of the breed available in India.

Jamunapari – All About Jamunapari Goat Breed

Health and growth of each and every goat is monitored on daily basis, providing vaccination and medicine to prevent from known diseases. Sincethe Jamunapari goat has been imported to Indonesia.

Almost all goat has slightly brown spots in their mouth and neck. The systems of production and operation implemented at Coastal Goat Farm have been appreciated by many. There is vast demand for Indian Goats overseas as well, Indian Goats are preferred over other regions due to the fact of their natural growth and quality of meat.

They generally browse about hours in a single day and stay in house only at night. The kid weight generally ranges between kg they show the rapid growth and gain the weight of 16 kg at the age of 6 months and 24 kg in 9 month.

This breed first introduced near a river of Uttar Pradesh named Jamuna.