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Even though, you had decided to quit the entertainment industry, I will always be your number 1 fan. Anyways, just know Hamoa, that I count down the days and home for any news on the worldwide Internet that you will be continuing your activities Genesis Feb 16 Thank you for the hard work you did!!

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However, Hamao probably realized the toll it was taking on him and decided that it was time to leave. But if there is a chance, I wish that you might come back to the entertainment industry to act one last time with Daisuke. It's the same with all them Japanese actors and actresses, what keeps them going are kyosuke hamao dating games fans.

I'll always pray to God!!

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But I understand him, What is things you have if you don't reached the things would you must be afford. He stated that he has no intentions of returning but will forever be grateful for his entertainment job.

I started re-watching Takumi kun series, and I'm so drawn in by his acting in this film series that I find myself overcome with emotion and I start to cry.

However, he decided to not leave right away because of the support from us fans that kept him going. Overall, this kid was really one of those newbie actors that shine through in a short amount of time.

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I, not that you could do anything about it Wish him the best with his education career and hopefully lives the life he wants without regrets. I'm still praying, and who know you just might comeback to showbiz after you've achieved other things in your life He afford a money for the things that he like to buy.

I don't know you'll ever see my comment or not!! I don't know if it's the last day in February and then we can expect to see nothing else related to Hamao While it's good that you are off doing other things with your life Hamao Kyousuke really felt that pressure as he was doing all those projects.

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Truly speaking, among all the shows and movies that I had watched, your shows and movies are always the best and it inspired me so much. In America, actors and actresses get paid thousands to millions for just like doing a movie while in Japan, their entertainment industry is highly competitive - even the best of the bests don't make nearly as a million.

March 5, My Birthday to day. And for the last I'm just wanna say no matter what decision you make I will always support you. I don't know how it happened.

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Dec 14 6: Honestly, when I started watching your movie that casted you and Daisuke. All Your Movies I like. I'm very selfish because I don't want you to retire in showbiz I hope someday i want to see him in person I don't really know, but I am terribly sad.

That he always protect you and give you success whatever you want to do Hamao Kyosuke very liked to be a lawyer. Lastly, I just want to say that I admire you, Hamao.


I'm your fans from Malaysia. I've already watched the Part 1, 2, 5 and 9-the last. But Hamao I hope you understand me Can anyone tell this message to kyosuke hamao If one doesn't go out there or do other promotions to promote them selves, its where in the long run their career doesn't stand long.

You know when I heard about your retired from entertainment industry I feel so sad Hamao, all I have now are all the dramas, movies and stage plays you've previously done And before I knew it May 12 2: Please don't do it!

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And Hamao, I wish you all the best for your future studies and also may your wish come true to be a future lawyer.

He's grown so much and I was hoping to see him grow more but whatever are his decisions, as long as he happy. I know that it may sound awkward, but this is just what I want to say deep inside my heart.

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