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Nevertheless, much of the game has been dispersed by human population pressure onto the higher plateaus to the southwest, and today most of the Maasai live farther south. The Kenya Lake System presents an exceptional range of geological and biological processes of exceptional natural beauty, including falls, geysers, hot springs, open waters and marshes, forests and open grasslands concentrated in a relatively small area and set among the landscape backdrop of the Great Rift Valley.

Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley

Ethnicity[ edit ] The Rift Valley is home to various communities. Tea from the highlands in the Kericho district enjoy a worldwide reputation, but horticulture is an important part of the district's economy shy guy dating popular girl scout cattle raising is also practised to a large extent.

The massed congregations of birds on the shores of the lakes including up to 4 million Lesser Flamingos which move between the three lakes is an outstanding wildlife spectacle. Villages and settlements[ edit ].

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The Kenya Lake System illustrates ongoing ecological and biological processes which provide valuable insights into the evolution and the development of soda lake ecosystems and the related communities of plants and animals.

Surrounded by an area of rapidly growing population, the property is under considerable threat from surrounding pressures. In addition, there are several interesting prehistoric sites in this area with a refreshing rawness about them. The Kenya Lake System is the single most important foraging site for the Lesser Flamingo in the world with about 1.

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Integrity The three lakes constituting the property represent the most significant Rift Valley lakes within Kenya, and are an essential component of those in the Great Rift Valley dateclub kenya airways la rift valley yahoo dating whole.

Geography[ edit ] Map of Kenya, showing its provinces The Great Rift Valley runs south through Kenya from Lake Turkana in the north and has several unique geographical features, including the Elgeyo escarpment which is a popular tourist attraction.

Economy[ edit ] The highlands provide adequate rainfall for farming and agriculture which is the economic base of the residents of the Rift Valley.

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Most of Kenya's top runners comes from the Kalenjin community. Although many have now returned to the valley, and many towns retain their ancient Maa names, the Maasai are at their most conservative and traditional in southern Kenya.

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Some of the world's greatest diversities and concentrations of bird species are recorded within these relatively small lake systems. Although the iconic image is no longer entirely borne out by reality, the valley certainly is magnificent, a literal rift across the country, with all the stunning panoramas and gaunt escarpment backdrops you could wish for, and the plains animals are still abundant in places.

In this regard there is potential for other areas, including Lake Natron in Tanzania, to be considered as part of a future transnational serial World Heritage property. For most of the year, up to 4 million Lesser Flamingos move between the three shallow lakes in an outstanding wildlife spectacle.

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People in the province are still mostly rural, but urbanisation is gradually increasing; new cities and towns contain the rural-urban migration and, provided the right policies are instituted, the Rift Valley province will be able to emerge as a national economic and cultural hub.

The people of the Rift Valley are a mesh work of different ethnic identities, and the Kalenjin and the Maasai are two of the best known ethnic groups. The property makes a critical contribution to the conservation of the natural values within the Great Rift Valley, as an integral part of the most important route of the African-Eurasian flyway system where billions of birds are found to travel from northern breeding grounds to African wintering places.

Surrounded by hot springs, geysers and the steep escarpment of the Rift Valley with its volcanic outcrops, the natural setting of the lakes provides an exceptional experience of nature. Each of the three components of the property is gazetted as a protected area and whilst the property is of small size, it contains the main ecosystems and features that support its Outstanding Universal Value.

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Protection and management requirements Each component of the property enjoys adequate legal protection, up-to-date management plans and a satisfactory on-ground management presence.

Low species diversity and abundant resident populations of birds and other animals make the soda lakes of the property especially important environments in which to conduct investigations of trophic dynamics and ecosystem processes.

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In order to maintain and enhance the Outstanding Universal Value of the property it will be important to sustain and enhance this effective management, and to address a range of long-term issues. The lakes' terrestrial zones also contain important populations of many mammal and bird species that are globally or regionally threatened.

Geology[ edit ] A large part of Kenya is underlain by Precambrian basement, while the Kenya rift basin a typical extensional basin hosts Tertiary volcanics that cover Mesozoic sediments Recently these sediments have been considered for oil exploration.

Rifting still continues today; primarily in the north, where active volcanoes are more plentiful.


Some of the more recent immigrants were the ancestors of the Maasaiwho dominated much of the valley and its surroundings for several centuries before the Europeans arrived. Management authorities must be vigilant in continuing to address these issues through effective multi-sector and participatory planning processes.

Transboundary cooperation is also important as the values of the property are partly dependant on protection of other lake and wetland areas that support migratory species. The Anza trough intersects the modern rift valley in the area of Lake Turkana.

These include catchment level management of threats and development with particular emphasis on management of groundwater and surface pollution and forest cover, inter-sectoral and participatory management processes especially with respect to environmental impact assessment of adjoin development and the building of increased ecological connectivity between the component parts of the system.