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The final section contains details of mortgages, charges, restrictive covenants and other burdens. The Applications record may contain relevant information about the submitted application such as the date and status of the application, consideration paid, title numbers, applicant name and address, property address, deed type and additional information.

These properties remain registered in the old Sasine Register, which does not contain title plans.

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Property Ownership Land Ownership Neighbourhood and Environment Boundaries Conveyancing Land Registry Title Documents Online Land Registry searches are the main source of information relating to home and land ownership, mortgages, charges, easements, restrictive covenants, property boundaries, rights of way, current and past ownerships and house prices.

It consists of four sections: If the property is unregistered we will search the old Sasine Register for records. Search results will be forwarded by email or sent by post where electronic documents are not available.

Details of filed documents, such as Transfers, Leases, Deeds, Agreements and Conveyances — with dates and names of parties involved. Public access to a digital version of the boundaries on aerial photography is available at [1].

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Find out land registry scotland boundaries in dating Sasine Registers Property records prior to registration of title were kept in one or more of the Sasine Registers.

The report is available for residential properties only. These documents that you receive will enable you to find the tristany i isolda llibre online dating of the property.

Buying and selling propertyLaw and practice I often get asked questions about boundaries and they tend to be some of the hardest to answer. Similarly it became compulsory to register land when a mortgage is created on it in Registered mortgages and charges affecting the title, including the name and address of the lender such as a bank or building society.

The Registers of Scotland agency is responsible for maintaining both the Register of Sasines and the new register. This section may contain extracts from deeds and references to title plan colourings.

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Please note this search will not provide details of ownership for all previous owners but only the owners at the date specified. We cannot provide Title Registers dated beforealthough we can usually obtain copies of Old Deeds dating back before this see LR 3.

The next section provides ownership details, purchase price, date of purchase, restrictions on the power of sale and personal covenants. Measurements scaled from this plan may not match measurements between the same points on the ground.

Details of registrations are available to any person upon payment of the prescribed fees. A boundary feature can be a fence, wall, hedge, ditch, piece of wire, or sometimes even just the edge of a driveway.

Important points to remember

Properties that have not been sold since the operational date of the particular county may not be registered in the Land Register. Information relating to easements, such as rights of access, rights to park and drainage rights.

The last order was made inso now virtually all transactions in land result in compulsory registration. Until completed, applications to register deeds are subject to rejection or withdrawal. Proving that you no longer own a Property Sometimes government departments and local authorities require evidence that you no longer own a property.

The Land Registration Scotland Act introduced a new system which now records all changes of ownership of land and creation of new titles.

Drawing the line on boundaries

Map-based Search where there is no postal address With this search we provide the Title Register and Plan to a property if it has been registered in the modern Land Register. The Land Register was introduced in a rolling programme beginning with Renfrew in and finishing in with BanffCaithnessMorayOrkney and Shetland.

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Any search request request lodged on the website will be processed through the relevant Land Registry office or other professional companies.

We can obtain copies of Land Registry documents for any registered property, even where there is no postal address as is the case with fields, moorland, woodland, building plots, derelict buildings, waste sites, lanes, alleyways, rivers, lakes, ancient monuments and grass verges.

The Register provides information about the current owner s name and address. For the list of the operational dates please visit our FAQ.

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This section contains a preamble summarising the nature and parties to the respective Burdens and is then followed by the Burden detail. A legal boundary deals with the precise separation of ownership of land.

It does not have thickness or width and usually, but not always, falls somewhere in or along a physical boundary feature such as a wall, fence or hedge. Please note that Land Register of Scotland became operational between Renfrewshire and Sutherland.

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