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Furthermore, the line was blockaded because of the construction from 5 July until 12 December This alternative was dropped, since the main traffic flowed towards Mannheim at that time.

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Because of finds of unexploded bombs from the Second World War in the track bed in the area of Jockgrim the construction work was extended by a week. The former option would have been longer and more expensive. Shortly before Lingenfeld it curves left and runs south between the built-up areas of Lingenfeld and Lingenfelder Altrhein.

At this time the platforms were partly renewed and the electrification lilliput flirt stadtbahn zugey.

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The Reichsbahn allocated the line to the newly created Reichsbahndirektion railway division of Ludwigshafen in Inhowever, it was determined that Speyer should be linked to the main line via a branch line.

The first option prevailed, because France hesitated and because the former option passed through territory that was more densely settled than a route along the Rhine valley. Deutsche Bundesbahn DBwhich was responsible for railway operations fromassigned the line to the railway division of Mainz, which was responsible for all railway lines within the newly created state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

A few hundred metres after a junction with part of the former Heidelberg—Speyer railway that is still used as an industrial railway, the line curves to the south.

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On this section of the line used to converge with the Germersheim—Landau railwaywhich came from the right and ran parallel with the Speyer line as far as Germersheim.

This was approved on 15 March Up toan express train ran from Strasbourg to Ludwigshafen, which served the French military in particular. It was at first unclear whether the town of Germersheim should be bypassed to the west or east. History[ edit ] Beginnings and emergence of the Schifferstadt—Germersheim section[ edit ] Originally the administration of the Circle of the Rhine Rheinkreiswhich was part of Bavariaplanned that its first railway line would be first in the north-south direction.

It runs directly to the southeast to the outskirts of Schifferstadt and continues through the woods between Schifferstadt and Speyer. The Franco-Prussian War delayed the implementation of the project.

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In Germersheim the line takes an odd course: There were two options for discussion: The line was also completely closed during the Easter break of Development after the First World War[ edit ] After the First World War, Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France and the long-distance services to it also ended, since the newly founded Deutsche Reichsbahn wanted trains to run as far as possible within Germany.

The usual platform length for a triple set is m. Kandel, however, did not give up immediately, and had its plan rewritten. The Speyer line makes another S-curve and leaves Germersheim behind.

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The line to Germersheim was electrified and the stations and halts were modernised with the establishment of S-Bahn operations between Schifferstadt and Germersheim. The Bruhrain Railway branches off the line at Germersheim station and runs parallel to the left of the Speyer line about halfway around the town before turning east to cross the Rhine.

A route via Speyerwhich was then the capital of the Circle of the Rhine similar to the modern concept of the Palatinatewas considered instead of a route via Rheinschanz island, on which the city of Mannheim had built a fortification on the opposite bank of the Rhine.

The other would have extended the branch to Speyer via Germersheim and Lauterbourg to Strasbourg. The line from Schifferstadt to Lauterbourg had two tracks from The construction of the line went forward without any major problems and it was opened on 25 Julyalong with its continuation via Lauterbourg to Strasbourg.