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We will cut these products to your specific needs; however you will need to pay for the standard lengths. We also supply JoJo water tanks. Evaluate the situation and determine if it is for you or not.

Gijima Supply Chain Management Services - Parktown - Gauteng

Buy the tender document - If you have to purchase the tender document beforehand - especially at municipalities - uk dating scams oil rig engineer at least an hour before the sessions starts.

We carry an extended range of ceramic tiles for both wall and floor, including nano polished porcelain tiles, with tile grout and ceramic cement for all applications.

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If you are not there your tender response might be non-responsive because of information that you did not provide. Ask questions - the information session is the time to ask questions. We've served overclients since Be on time - in the old days you could arrive an hour late and you would still be allowed to enter the session.

Most of the time these sessions is compulsory and not attending it can and might most probably lead to your tender response being disqualified. This might cause you to be late and not be able to attend the session.


Gates, posts, stays and droppers are all standard line items. We also stock bird, chicken and pig wire. When attending the session and you know you are going into a Joint Venture to the tender then use the Joint Venture's name.

We supply sand, stone and ready-mix products in with delivery of full truck loads on request. You will not get a better opportunity to ask questions.

Mangaung Build It

The cut-off time is usually stated in the tender document or in the tender advertisement. Our Build It store offers a comprehensive range of SABS approved treated and untreated timber products for domestic or commercial use.

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Many people have multiple companies. Check out your competition - this is the time to see what your chances of winning the tender are. You might think that the tender opportunity is for you but once you have attended the session you might think twice in responding to the tender.

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We have all your hand tool requirements for all applications, including woodwork, plumbing, electrical, welding, painting and fixing. Sign the attendance register - remember to sign the attendance register in the name of the company that you are going to respond in.

Briefing Sessions, Site Meetings & Information Sessions |

The store caters for all your hardware needs, including drill bits, car care, twine and rope, protective clothing, lubricants, fibre glass DIY and chain. If there are only three or four attendees at the session then you know you are in with a chance but if there are three hundred attendees you know it is going to be tough to win the tender.

For more information on the tender courses please email Werner at werner how2tender. Don't send your driver or secretary to attend.

Tender information

Important information is shared at these sessions. Remember that you are not going to be the only person attending the session and there will most probably be other people queuing to buy the document as well. Evaluate the opportunity - sometimes tender descriptions are vague. Rhino Board and cornice in all standard sizes.

Last but not least we always recommend that the person or persons that are going to be responsible for responding to the tender must attend the Briefing session. Ensure that you use the correct name.


Let them get the information first hand as second hand information is usually not good information. We also carry a limited lighting range in store. To learn more about this and many other tender conditions please attend one of our How-to-Tender workshops. Supporting products for insulation include Sisalation, Aerolite, and Isotherm.

They lock the doors - you won't be able to get in. If you follow these guidelines your chances of being awarded a tender will increase tremendously.

Tender Information

If you are going to respond using a Joint Venture partner or a subcontractor it might be a good idea to take them along to the session. We carry a comprehensive range of entrance and internal doors for all applications, sourced from the leading manufacturers in South Africa.

These are meetings that are held before the quotation or a competitive bid tender is due. Here are a number of things that you must remember or do when you attend one of these sessions: We have a comprehensive range of bricks, blocks, pavers and concrete products in store with delivery on request.

We carry all Gypsum products e. Quickly scan the scope of the tender as well as other requirements and ensure you know exactly what is required from you by asking questions during the session.

​Running Tenders

Responding to tenders is time consuming and there is always a cost involved. We supply nails, screws, hardware and ironmongery. We stock chain link galvanized fencing, as well as weldmesh products, in all the standard sizes and lengths.