Master P - I Got the Hook Up!, Master P - I Got the Hook Up! Master P - I Got the Hook Up!, Master P - I Got the Hook Up!

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Master P - I Got The Hook Up!

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We got them still in the package You know they at a great deal No money, we activate them No refunds But you can trade them for we press no limitations Buck buck We patient, have all your money in hand Don't worry about credit, forget it, cause we don't let it stand in our way Nigga we get paid, you get the drop for free Look me up When you reach someone, thinkin of someone I can hook you up [Chorus x4 ] Nigga just got this sack of D And Master P, my nigga, just got the hook-up Look me up if you need the cook up Got shit to hook the crooks up Hit me up on my header And I'ma call you back Cause ain't no taps on my celly Nig, come get all we got A little hustling mother fucker With a pocket full of stones Rolling with Mo and the No Limit soldiers Got the hook-up and its on [Wish Bone].

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Cause I got the hook-up.


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