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Meaning of platonic flirtation crossword, other crossword clues with similar answers to 'pretentious indications of platonic love?'

How sad that such devotion is almost always unrequited though pop-stars have been known to marry their fans. This does not necessarily mean that they must have attitudes and interests in common, for partnerships of opposites can work very well.

Times, Sunday Times Although the relationship was flirtatious it was platonic.

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In some situations the people involved can show physical affection such as cheek kisses, pecks on the lips, holding hands, sitting on each other's lap, seeing each other naked, cuddling and sleeping together not euphemistically. The name is Greek Platon, properly "broad-shouldered" from platys "broad;" see plaice n.

It can be used as a verb as well as a noun.

Flirtatious definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Mostly used to describe the feeling of wanting to have a queerplatonic relationship with somebody, this term can also be used inside the relationship as an alternative to "zucchini". There is a twofold difficulty in apprehending this aspect of the Platonic writings.

Times, Sunday Times I recently exchanged numbers with a well-known figure in entertainment whose flirtatious texts are a real education. The Sun The audience was given respite between numbers with each member taking a turn to introduce himself and engage in slightly painfulflirtatious banter with the crowd.

Definitions of flirtation: Synonyms, Antonyms and Pronunciation

Times, Sunday Times And judging by her flirtatious behaviour, she seems to have enjoyed the experience. Times, Sunday Times She is playful and flirtatious while getting her photo taken, giving the photographer the finger and poking her tongue out.

According to The Oxford English dictionary, roger and megans mom hook up first registered examples of the meaning "Strange, odd, peculiar, eccentric, in appearance or character" for queer predate in more than four centuries a meaning that directly implies 'not heterosexual or cisgender' At parties a boy may playfully try to attract a girl, or vice versa, without intending any serious, lasting relationship.

Young people also sometimes develop an irrational obsession for another, often older, person which is not an adult, ……….

Defenition of the word flirtation

Times, Sunday Times I giggled, thinking he was ringing for a bit of flirtatious banter to cheer himself up. Yet the ideal glory of the Platonic philosophy is not extinguished. Scott, Foresman and Co.

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A relationship which gives deep and lasting happiness to both ………. The Platonic doctrine of reminiscence is then adduced as a confirmation of the pre-existence of the soul. Partners — platonic — flirtation — infatuation — mature — compatible one-sided — hero-worship — mutual — idolize — complement — stable Youngsters in their teens or even earlier sometimes ……….

Read more… She says her good looks and flirtatious behaviour charmed the police waiting at the hospital. The objects of such adoration are regarded as gods by their smitten worshippers. Amatonormativity consists in the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in that should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types.

PLATONIC - crossword answers, clues, definition, synonyms, other words and anagrams

The different characters of the two people somehow ………. The meaning "love free of sensual desire" swhich the word usually carries nowadays, is a Renaissance notion; it is based on Plato's writings in "Symposium" about the kind of interest Socrates took in young men, which originally had no reference to women.

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Example sentences containing 'flirtatious' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. And there he would sing to Dulcinea, his platonic and only love.

Although the use of queerplatonic for the concept presented in this article is a 21st-century phenomenon, adjectifying something platonic as "queer" is not recent, as show the three following examples: The style and plan of the Timaeus differ greatly from that of any other of the Platonic dialogues.

No arrangement of the Platonic dialogues can be strictly chronological. In some respects the dialogue differs from any other Platonic composition.

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The same, but not. His original name was Aristocles. In her book Minimizing marriage, contemporary philosopher Elizabeth Brake talks about a concept that is adverse to queerplatonic thought, naming it "amatonormativity": As a non-romantic relationship, people in a queerplatonic relationship are not restricted to have just one queerplatonic partner "QP" or "QPP".

The Menexenus has more the character of a rhetorical exercise than any other of the Platonic works.

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This is just a ………. It might be very deep but entail no physical desire, in which case it is described as ………. As in, "they're my zucchini". The people involved in a queerplatonic relationship may consider themselves partners, life-partners, a couple, a triad, or any other term that implies the relationship is meaningful, committed, and intimate.

The Sun A funnyflirtatious text launches a romance. Times, Sunday Times A man is accused of sending flirtatious text messages to a young woman. Molly Lepell, Lady Hervey.


The Sun A woman sold her marital home online while her husband was abroad after finding a flirtatious text on his phone that had been sent by another woman.

Of course it can take many forms. It should be based on a ……….