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Onsokomaru dressing as "The Master" by putting on a fake beard. Shinobu gets one sometimes around Kaede. Kaede, on the other hand, is more ambiguous, flipping through being freaked about Shinobu's crush to controle de pendencias online dating very protective and supportive of Shinobu.

Shinobu sees these when thinking about Kaede, which is a lot. Of course, it's also Lampshaded to the hilt. Shinobu is not ambiguous in the least; she has a massive crush on Kaede and occasionally refers to her as her "more than friend but less than lover".

One starts to wonder if the real mystery is how Shinobu remained as innocent as she is, while living in the frat boy atmosphere of the ninja mansion The antics only get weirder from there. Of course, these are the same people who wanted the opening credits sequence to have three thousand cels.

As Miyabi thinks that maybe that ninja clan isn't as half-assed as she thinks cut to the ninjas tearfully celebrating the fact that it was the first time they threw shuriken one of them even calls his mom to tell her about it!

She dislikes Onsokumaru a mutual feeling and believes that her elder sister should switch fields and become a magical summoner like herself.

Manga[ edit ] The manga is written and illustrated by Ryoichi Koga. The original manga was briefly licensed and translated into English but cancelled partway through and is long out-of-print. Sasuke gets one when his "sister" wakes him up.

It's rare that this show has a fourth wall, at least whenever Onsokumaru and the Sasukes are around. The ninjas are pretty stereotypical, so we never know what they look like under their masks. On the other hand, the rest of them are all aware that Onsokumaru is the Headmaster to the extent that they think his "secret" is something elsewhereas Shinobu is unable to see through his Paper-Thin Disguiseeven when he finally does tell her he's the headmaster.

It's toned down a little in fanservicey shots.

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Nearly every character has these at least once over the course of the series. It's even in the title. The last thing she wanted was an interruption in her studies.

Shinobu, who barely conceals the less-than-innocent thoughts she has about Kaede. Onsokumaru hogs the spotlight so much, most of the comedy situations revolve around him, and one begins to wonder what all that exposition with Shinobu trying to become a real ninja was about! Bishie Sparkle and Love Bubbles: But, when a series closes not just with ninja, but line-dancing puppet ninja high-kicking in stop motion while their master flies around with panties on his head to a disturbingly catchy banjo riff, you know you're not in for philosophy.

Even the Girls Want Her: These male ninja are seen in different outfits, but never without their masks. Shinobu names her giant, mobile, carnivorous plant monster Pochinosuke for the non-Japanese, that's "Spot" with an archaic name ending tacked on. According to Miyabi, this is what happens when Onsokumaru makes the scene in a normal setting.

Note that an entire episode rarely if ever has three thousand unique cels. Even the only one who gets a name Sasuke gets nothing else to stand out - except more screen time. Yes, that's a ninja crocodile.

This show provides examples of:

Onsokumaru is pervertedlecherous, messy, loud, a cheat, and greedy. Interestingly, they really exist in real life, though the former is more commonly known as Erromongo. Well, Onsokumaru found a way. No explanation is given for what he is, how he became the head of a ninja clan, or how he can shapeshift.

Small Name, Big Ego: The button in the New Year's episode. In the Japanese dub, Onsokumaru is fond of phrases like these as is his voice actor. Parodied in the final episode, including a Transformation Sequence and a Non-Human Sidekick played by Onsokumaru, of course. Complete with a long Ondo number at the end.

Rie Kugimiya Japanese ; Veronica Taylor English Miyabi is Shinobu's younger sister who has chosen the field of "magical summoning" rather than ninjutsu.

Nana Mizuki Japanese ; Emily Blau English The title character is kind, hardworking, and dedicated, but naive and somewhat clumsy with complex tasks. How much of a jerk do you have to be that you even get banished from hell? Three more drama CDs were released between June and October alongside the anime and feature the same cast as the anime.

Kaede, the only person in the series who never had any sort of fighting training regardless of competencedelivers one hell of an asskicking to Onsokumaru in Episode 3 when she thinks he kicked Shinobu out of the ninja school.

Shinobu's hair definitely counts. Shinobu's being distracted by a cat during her exam actually sets the story in motion.

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It's hard to tell if this show's doing it straight, subverting it, or both. Miyabi, although in her defense she'd never cooked before.

She usually wears a purple and pink ninja outfit, but sometimes wears other costumes. Being blonde and blue-eyed, Kaede would fit the Gaijin Phenotype Stereotype like a glove, but she is apparently Japanese. Norio Wakamoto Japanese ; Sean Schemmel English Onsokumaru is a shape-changing creature; his name roughly translates to "sonic speed ball".

This isn't exactly surprising, considering Kaede's VA has a very long story voicing blondies.

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Just the battle against the "Dark Shinobu" in the opening contains more action than any episode. Onsokumaru gets this treatment from Shinobu after he turns out to not be dead in "Onsokumaru Goes To Hell".

The ninjas tend to object to, but ultimately go along with, Onsokumaru's antics. Beware the Nice Ones: The only way to describe most things in this show is to mention this trope.

Word of God says that the battle with "Dark Shinobu" was actually storyboarded, but they ran out of episodes and budget to do it. Several, but one particular spot in Episode 5 of Shinobu and Kaede changing for the pond edges dangerously close to being hentai!

She does not allow herself to be tormented and usually puts annoying people in their place. Despite the influence of Onsokumaru, she remains fairly innocent.

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The series got a Episode Anime adaptation in featuring a cast of some of Japan's most popular voice actors. Onsokumaru, except for the "awesome" part. After Shinobu gives Kaede Valentine's Day chocolates, she wonders why she's so popular with other girls.