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Occluding objects are usually perceived as intimidating,

These sets are paths of potential locomotion. This prediction could be tested. They are usually in buildings as they perfectly fit the purpose.

Projected and Unprojected Surfaces in a Stationary Optic Array The surfaces indicated by thick lines are projected, and those by thin lines are occluded "hidden," "screened," "covered" at this station point. Like the earth, an enclosed space such as a bare room with floor, walls, and ceiling but without furnishing entials merely these same gradients of texture along with abrupt changes of gradient where the changes of slant of the surfaces occur -- the "corners" Fig.

All motions, either of station points or right objects, are reversible. The se cases have been produced in a display and recorded on film by G. In ordinary language, we refer to occluded surfaces as the back of an object, the background behind it, the backside of a wall, the surface extending behind a window, the far side of a hill, the valley hidden by it, etc.

Infants Perceive Three-Dimensional Illusory Contours as Occluding Surfaces.

Projected and unprotected surfaces in a temporary optic array. It can be shown, for any surface in any layout of surfaces, that there is some station point to which it is projected at which it is projectively visible.

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By this I mean what are vaguely called the "motions" in an optic array, arising from either the movements of the observer himself motion parallax or the flirtatious scentsy scentsational start levels of an object in the world.

An important problem is to distinguish between the stationary structure of ambient light, as exemplified in the perspectives of an ordinary pictorial array ch.

Don't care about some impressions that could cause occluding of objects that would be visible through windows in rare cases.

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The fact that a closed contour on a black field almost always suggests a detached object in front of a vague surface and almost always suggests an aperture or window in that surface implies only that. They are connected with earlier Cornell studies on the separation in depth of two apparent surfaces Gibson, Gibson, Smith, and Flock, but instead of transparent depth they try to isolate edge-depth.

The "forms" of Gestalt theory, and the figure-ground phenomena that ensue when a closed contour is presented in a visual field "the ground seems to extend uninterrupted behind the figure" are cases of static occlusion represented in a pictorially frozen array.

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Ambiguity may arise in certain circumstances as to object or aperture, as to cliff or overhang. Chapanis and McCleary,J.

Michotte's studies of the occlusion of a form such as a disk or rectangle at the "entrance" of a "tunnel" and its disocclusion at the "exit" e.

In short any ordinary environmental layout may be divided into two parts, the projected and the occluded, for any given stationary array at any one time. The shots, with titles, illustrate occlusion of one textured surface by another and occlusion of one textured face of an object by its adjacent face when the object is turned.

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The rule that the phenomenal contour "belongs to the figure and not to the ground" reflects a probable, not a certain, fact of optical occlusion, since windows in a large wall do sometimes exist in the world. But I suggest that it is necessarily projected as a kind of discontinuity in a kinetic array, one in which either the station point moves relative to the environment or the occluding edge moves.

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And that data structure is expressed in explicit spatial form: What are the principles of static and kinetic occlusion? There are other alternatives to the above formula: Does an object not seem to persist phenomenally when it is not optically occluded but when its projection in the optic array undergoes some other kind of change?

Other kinds of stimulus information than the fading of contrast are possible for the perception of a thing's ceasing to be.

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A film has been produced by animation entitled The Change from Visible to Invisible. Such experiments are promising and the study of this phenomenon should be continued.

And it is that invisible structure that supports the modal colored surfaces that we experience visually on the exposed surfaces of colored objects, and that same amodal structure supports the sensory experience of tactile contact. When shape of object is not suitable for box at all, use just convex polygon.

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An edge is projected in an optic array. The latter involves a displacement or rotation of an object. Furthermore, we only see the exposed side of each pencil as a colored hemi-cylindrical surface, and yet we perceive each pencil as a whole cylindrical form, complete through its invisible volume all the way to its hidden rear surfaces.