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Though I dont know you guys personally, I can feel you guys are truly close and somewhat like i kiss dating goodbye summary of uncle family.

I hope the members get you something sweet.

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I hope you had a good birthday! It is 4th October today and I am writing this letter to you specially on my birthday. JUMP member for almost 2 years already and my love for you just keeps on growing and growing. We heard that the school is so prestigious, and not all auditionees were accepted.

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Every time I see you, I always wonder how can someone so cool, so handsome, so adorable, so funny, so humble, so talented, and so interesting like you exist in this world? I mean we as your fans. When I got the chance to know you, was a little late though, when that rumor inverness dating leaving Jump was[…] Dear Keito First of all, I would like to thank you for all your hard work these years.

When I researched members one by one, I became more interested in you because you knew how to speak English.

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Hopefully, I will be able to give back some of the love and support[…] Happy Birthday Keito! Thank you for being so fun and sweet and caring to everyone! Keito-kun, when I first found out about jump I started to focus on each member slowly. Happy 10th anniversary, Love, Lala. When I first heard your announcement, the thing that came out of my mind was the interview you had for the White Love single.

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Never doubt that there are fans who believe in your talent and support you! Seeing your smile makes my day, seeing your kindness makes me want to be a better person. You are so cool, so funny, so adorable, so humble and sometimes I wonder how can such person[…] You are my inspiration Hi Keito, I really want to tell you that you have been my favorite Hey!

I hope everything will happen as you have planned. But I know I have lots to say, write and show. So Keito… Hello Keito, I really hope you find this website and read our messages.

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Have you eat your meals? To the most unexpected member Hi, Keito. Are you laughing or crying? You have definitely shown us a lot of yourself and have become more expressive in your passion for JUMP and the fans! Hope to meet you again in Thailand!

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I just want to say that you did magnificently this year! We hope the best for your studies. English is not the only thing I love about you, I love you as a person, your personality.

For me, You and everyone from Hey! I hope you are feeling joy. My name is Rii, Non-Asian fan. I refuse to believe it. I love everything about you.

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We support you and believe you. I know I should wait for your birthday but on your birthday, i will write another letter again for you. Yet for some reason, not enough people see that in you. Dear Keito Dear Keito, First of all, I just want to say thank you, thank you for making me—no, us, fans happy.

Your talent is incredible and you are a valuable member of your group. First of all I would like to tell you that no matter what we love you and support you.

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Please take care and work hard. I hope you realize that. Seeing you guys torn apart would not only make me heartbroken but the others as well. Cheers and good luck from Mexico.

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Jump were one of the things that makes my bad day and sadness go away. Will you please share some recent moments with your members? I know you love music and I wanted to know, what other western artists do you listen to? You make me do my best at university so that I will be able to go to Japan next year for my study abroad.

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See you around, Keito. Honestly when I first saw you, I never knew that you will be this important to me.

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No matter what tabloids make up. I am your humble servant, Nice! Although I became a fan around March, I learned so much about you guys.

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Probably i love you more than I love myself. You are so sweet and kind. You are the light in my life right you. I am quite an emotional person as well, so it makes me happy to see someone like myself make such an impact on the world!

How about another tour around the[…] Dear. I know you will amaze everybody. You are the joy of my life and someone i love dearly. You are such an amazing and nice person.

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Physically, you are adorable! Not because of your English, but because of the things you can do expectedly. JUMP with all these members brought me happiness and this group is a relief in everyday life.

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