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Embroider details onto face using stem stitches to outline the eyes and snout. Once the head is folded in half vertically the two sides of the 'V' should meet at the center. The snuggle bunny or kitty should be full and plump and quite firm, but not to the point of bursting at the seams.

Snuggle Bunnies

Use your finger or a Q-Tip to gently smudge it in for a softer look. We offer this outside companionship experience because we understand that going out is simply more fun with others. We are unable to provide service for anyone unable to agree to the contract.

Please notice that I've allowed a bit of room at the very top and bottom of the felt ear so that once the pipe cleaner is inserted, the frame will fit nicely. Scrap pink felt for kitty's heart patch: Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

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Touch therapy is an alternative therapy that has shown many remarkable benefits. Blanket stitch the bottom edge down. Position short edge of Bow Center onto the center of the blanket stitches.

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Position heart patch onto the back piece of the kitty's body and applique in place. Make a few tight stitches at the center on the wrong side of the bow to create a permanent pinch.

Snuggle bunny

A friend linked me the website and I wanted to see if it would help out of desperation. Go grab your supplies and get started!

The eyelashes are straight stitches at the outer corners of each eye. Then remove the pattern piece and use the ruler to connect the lines. Twist the end of the piece you've just folded around the straight piece on the left, making sure that the tip is laying flat and not poking out at all.

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As you close the hole, add more stuffing to the bottom area if needed. Perfect to make for baby showers, little ones or anyone who loves the cute loveable style of Japanese Kawaii!

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To make the little bow, fold bow in half lengthwise, right sides facing. Fold the right side of the pipe cleaner so that it forms a right angle just above the bottom edge of the felt ear.

To attach the bunny's tail, turn the bunny over so that the back of the body is facing you. She was a perfect lady throughout.

Please read about the benefits of snuggling on the Benefits page. Not only are these little Snuglings quick and easy to make, they're bursting with cuteness, soft and cuddly and plump and squishy too!!

Dolls, animals and easy patterns to inspire a joy of sewing: Experience the healing power of human touch today with any of our professional cuddlers.

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All clients must sign an agreement agreeing that no sexual activity of any kind with snugglers will take place. Squeeze a blob of glue or, use a Q-Tip to apply it onto the marked spot and position the pom-pom on top. Wrap the bow center around over the front of the Bow, and overlap the opposite short edge onto the stitched edge.

As a professional cuddling service, we are masters of platonic touch that offer a personalized experience, which strives for your absolute happiness.


Print pattern onto regular printer paper - no need to re-size the pieces. Fill snout in with satin stitches. Pin ears onto head seam and ladder stitch front and back of each ear in place. I plan to make this a weekly thing.

Try to keep your stitches small, neat and evenly spaced as this gives a nice, clean finish and prevents the stuffing from escaping from the seams.