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Many critics have taken this film to be a portrait of an alcoholic Cassavetes and Ben Gazzara deliver solid supporting turns, but it is Rowlands who steals the show.

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James Film Directors Encyclopedia, "His films are preoccupied with a heavily realistic, often elliptical, tone which works best in Faces They are merely diversions from whatever thing is really compelling her to her own destruction, and much to Cassavetes' credit, as a storyteller, he never lets us find out exactly what's wrong with Myrtle, and despite her coming through in the opening night john cassavetes online dating, there's no reason to expect that she has really resolved anything of consequence.

Critics and audiences either love or hate Cassavetes' free-wheeling work.

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Cassavetes was often labelled an improvisational film-maker, but his films were almost entirely scripted. Or making choices as an actor.

In focusing on an individual whose profession - an actress re-creating other people's lives - is directly linked to her psychological confusion, Cassavetes has made a universal commentary on coming to terms with one's inevitable aging, as well as the potential peril of living a life in which the lines between fact and fiction can all too easily blur.

As a writer also, as a person who's making a film, as a cameraman, everything is a choice. The review in Variety that appeared after a press screening concluded, "One must question whether more than a handful of moviegoers are interested in the effort, whether audiences have not already seen enough of Cassavetes' characters But this is wrong, for alcohol isn't her problem - nor is her chain smoking.

Although Shadowshis breakthrough film, was not the first American movie outside the system, it became a rallying point for future generations And there's a difference between not knowing what to do and just saying something.

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Opening Night is as dense and difficult as one would expect from John Cassavetes, but even the director's detractors will be unable to deny the power of Gena Rowlands' performance.

Reception[ edit ] Opening Night was critically panned in the US on its release.

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As the boozing actress, Rowlands adds another unforgettable performance to her resume, committing herself fully to Myrtle's character, making the film a challenging yet ultimately rewarding viewing experience for those that value a true grit performance. John Cassavetes - Opening Night Close John Cassavetes - Opening Night Close John Cassavetes, known for his in-depth explorations of individuals who appear to be on the brink of sanity, paints another powerful portrait with Opening Night.

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This sort of end without resolution links Cassavetes directly with the more daring European directors of the recent past, who were comfortable in not revealing everything to an audience, and forcing their viewers to cogitate, even if it hurts. His films are as disturbing as they are erratic, leaving no one indifferent.

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Savages ' album Silence Yourself starts with sampled dialogue from the film. For both filmmakers, actors function as graphic or narrative components effectively controlled by the director and as documentary evidence of social and emotional realities that simply cannot be represented in a fictional film narrative.

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And it seems to me I don't really have to direct anyone or write down that somebody's getting drunk; all I have to do is say that there's a bottle there and put a bottle there and then they're going to get drunk.

He's made these films before and not many seemed interested in them. Yet he had a preference for documentary-style camerawork and was obsessed with human interaction.