OrCAD Tutorial Entering The Schematic - Parallel Systems OrCAD Tutorial Entering The Schematic - Parallel Systems

Orcad capture cis simulation dating, re: problem with simulation in orcad cis capture using pspice

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These are available in the standard PSpice libraries you added when you created the schematic. Press place button shown as Figure -6 and a window like in Figure - 7 is opened.

Figure Observation of Figure shows us that we have achieved the function of xor gate. For more complex logic circuits, it will be beneficial. Change the values from the default 1n values to the values required for the circuit. Open it, as seen from Figure Figure 9 10 Now, simulation is ready.

Press Place off-page connector from the rightmost menu, also shown in Figure Now that the schematic has been completed, move on to the next section to look at simulating the design.

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To make simulation, firstly we need to open a new simulation profile. There are two ways to add components to the sheet. A schematic sheet is opened. Now continue to place and wire the next stage of the schematic.

Open a new Project.

Select a running time of approximately ms, just so we can see beyond the point where the sine wave crosses 0 volts. A new window is going to be open with corresponding signals. Note that actual circuit components probably will be polarised for the larger values.

Base the new project on the empty.

ORCAD Tutorial - Capture CIS

If you installed to a location other than the default, you will need to adjust the root directory to reflect your installation settings for both library locations. In many amplifiers which you have already constructed, you have witnessed gain.

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Multiple traces can be added when separated by commas, as visible in Figure 6. Cursor can be opened like in Figure 11 Figure Prepared By: You should choose Create a blank project then press OK. As can be see from the Time Domain simulation below, the output is trying to follow the input and at the end, the output reaches the steady state value of 0 Volts after input becomes zero.

ORCAD Tutorial - Capture CIS

The Net Alias value will be attached to the cursor and can be applied to a net by clicking on the net to "stick" the Net Alias to it. Manual consists of 4 steps and each step is explained with images.

Note that the schematic must be completed before moving on to the next section. When making changes be careful- parts may become disconnected.

Problem with simulation in ORCAD CIS Capture using PSPICE

Equation of this circuit is like this: Also note that, as far as PSpice is concerned, Capacitors are not polarised, regardless of value, so the C part from the Analog library will be used. Then start wiring as shown, be careful while wiring pin to pin.

We will be using PSpice extensively in this class.

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Some things to note about placing Net Aliases: Factors directly affecting produced Vpulse function are visible in Table 1 below. Constructing the logic circuit.

Now we need to wire these logic gates to be able simulate the xor function. Figure 11 These clock signals are going to be our input signals of xor gate. Exercises We now have the basic analysis tools for the circuits. Opening Orcad Capture a. Now complete the schematic, as shown below.

Figure 7 - Vsin Transient Sweep To have the smooth curves, change the default maximum step size equal to 10u seconds in the Simulation Settings.

The ground we will use is the. Duty of this circuit is performing xor gate function. To draw wire lines choose second icon from the rightmost menu as shown in Figure-