Terrace Gardening: Growing Vegetables in Containers Terrace Gardening: Growing Vegetables in Containers

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Vishwanath, you have been attributed to have pioneered the concept of organic terrace gardening in Bangalore.

Just like many rural folks he moved to the city for better job prospects. He currently helps people in organic urban farming by conducting training programs and sharing his knowledge here. Vishwanath very much for taking the time to tell us about this concept.

Our plants are hardy and easy to grow and manage.

The Kitchen Gardener: Bangalore’s first farmer, Dr. Vishwanath Kadur

Even though the workshops have been conducted sincethe number of people who adopted terrace gardening was less than 2 or 3 for every trained.

Gourds like bitter gourd the vines add beauty to a small balcony. Good spacious rooms n beautiful location amidst the greens.

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You can also use 1 kg of it and soak in 5 litres of water. You will have to remove weeds, watch out for pests, diseases etc.

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Anyone who has the slightest interest in environment and organic farming must attend this workshop. Then yves morieux six simple rules for dating cools the house, it is also good exercise while tending and watering plants.

His family of five now only buys onions and grains from the market; everything else is grown on the roof. Vishwanath, has pioneered organic terrace gardening in Bangalore by providing training to residents in their own locality and supplying the needed inputs like seeds, manure, plant protection materials, implements, containers etc.

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Those were different times. Many plants we use have strong roots in culture and tradition and flowers used for decoration. Once she was finally done with all the studying and researching, she, like many other scholars was troubled with the question of what to do with all the exhaustive knowledge that she had gathered over the years.

Growing native plant species has a number of advantages: Greens are the easiest: This is sort of square-foot gardening taken to the roof tops. What we do not realise is that over a period of time the food we consume food from supermarkets which have chemicals in them and toxins build up in our body.

The thing about gardening is that it needs a lot of hardwork and patience. We offer regular monthly maintenance services for your garden needs.

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The set-up costs of terrace gardening depend on whether you want to start step-by-step or all at once. Satish points out 13 types of tomatoes only a third of the varieties one can grow, we are toldzucchini, bhut jolokia chillies and yellow-coloured brinjal. He is a Harvard business school executive education graduate on product development and innovation.

Regarding melons, yes it takes more space in fields, but on terraces we have to train and confine them to one area. Then they started cutting trees for roads buildings and so on.

Terrace Gardens

It was a genuinely interactive and participatory workshop where we covered a wide gamut of topics through hands on practice. Kadur is a walking, talking organic agriculture dictionary. As I mentioned earlier it's the interest of the individual.

At an edition of Oota from your Thota. Group members takes a healthy interest in organic gardening, helping beginners start off, experts showcasing harvests etc, posting regular pictures and advice etc. I came to the program with almost zero gardening experience.

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There is a lady by name of Sowbagya who has grown mangoes, pomegranates, sapotas and guavas on her terrace. He has gone on from being a friend and a terrific painter to become a guide and showed me the how to grow my own vegetables in my own house.

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No need to visit the local market on a regular basis as we can help you set-up and plan your garden in a manner that provides you enough to be harvested completely from the garden. The food was freshly cooked and served with a smile Prathap, India Really nice and kind staff, they help us a lot.

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Aparna George in her garden But harvest and health apart, Iyer, Satish and George swear by the mental peace cultivating a garden gives them. Just a small balcony which gets adequate sunlight is more than enough to grow beans, tomatoes and greens.

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Beautiful flowers in the garden and terrace. Now there are more than 50 terrace gardeners in Bangalore and their breed is increasing. I still remember my father buying just rice, pulses and few vegetables like onions from outside. The online group also serves as a great place for people who make seeds from ripened fruits in their harvest and want to give them away.